Retexturing a Puppet

Note: If you haven’t done so, read the Modshop Beginners Guide - 6. Introduction to Retexturing before proceeding. Also, with the upcoming changes to the Modshop, this tutorial could very well be outdated soon after it’s finished. Because of this, it’ll most likely remain in 1st draft form.

This is the easiest, least tedious, and least informative way of adding a new variation of a BODYPART. The following is a walk-through for retexturing a Head using textures made by roguevirus and available at Machinimods. The same steps apply for retexturing a Costume, Hairstlye, Hat, an Accessory, or anything else considered to be in the Puppet category

Make a copy of the BODYPART

0) Before you make a copy of the bodypart file, make sure file extensions are showing: in Windows, open a file browser and browse to any folder. In the browser’s menu bar, click on “Tools” and select “Folder Options”. Click on the “View” tab. Locate “Hide extensions for known file types” (you may have to scroll down a little way) and remove the tick. Click on “OK”. File extensions (also known as “file types”) will now show in the file browser.

1) With Moviestorm NOT running, browse to Moviestorm/Addon/Core/Data/Puppets/Male01 and locate the BODYPART file named Head Euro Young.bodypart. We are choosing this one because the textures we will be using are designed for the mesh used for Head Euro Young.

2) Whatever your method, PC or Mac, copy and paste the file in this location. You will now have a new BODYPART named Copy of Head Euro Young.bodypart.

3) Rename this copy as Head Euro Young_Bruised_Mod.bodypart. You can actually name it whatever you like, however, it needs to be a name that SF will not choose in the future.

4) Open the renamed file with Notepad or the Mac equivalent.

5) In the first line, between <name> and </name>, change the text to Head Euro Young_Bruised_Mod (or whatever you named it), and save the file.

Move the BODYPART to your Addon

1) With Moviestorm NOT running, make sure that you have an existing Addon to use or create one by browsing to Moviestorm/Addon and creating a new folder.

2) Fire up Moviestorm and go to the Modshop.

3) In the Master Browser, go to Models>Puppets>Male01>Body Parts and locate the Head Euro Young_Bruised_Mod.

4) Right-click it and choose Addons>Move to>Your Addon.

5) Go to the left corner of the screen and change the Current Addon to Your Addon.

6) Go back to the Master Browser, left-click Head Euro Young_Bruised_Mod, and, at the bottom of the window, hit Save. This just ensured that, when you save again later, you don’t accidentally save the BODYPART in the wrong Addon.

7) Browse to the Moviestorm directory, locate, and open Your Addon. Notice that, when moving the BODYPART, the proper folder structure was built.

8) Within the Male01 folder, create a Heads folder. Within this folder, create a Modified Euro folder. Within this folder, create a Young folder. Within this folder, create a Textures folder. You should now have this path- Your Addon/Data/Puppets/Male01/Heads/Modified Euro/Young/Textures

Add the New or Modified Texture(s) to your Addon

Note: If, instead of using a pre-made texture, you’re creating or editing one yourself, see the Texture Editing tip at the bottom of this page.

1) Download roguevirus’ Black Eyes Male from Machinimods.

2) Unzip and extract this to Your Addon/Data/Puppets/Male01/Heads/Modified Euro/Young/Textures

Setting Up the New BODYPART

1) Back in the Modshop, with Head Euro Young_Bruised_Mod still highlighted, go to the lower window of the Master Browser and scroll down to the list of Materials.

2) Heads/Euro/Young/Young_Euro_01 and 02 are the Materials which contain the facial textures for this model. Rename them to Bruised 01 and Bruised 02. In the list of Materials that have already been applied, double-click a Material. This will open up the Material’s name text for editing.

3) Click Add Material, choose Heads/Euro/Young/Young_Euro_01, and rename it Bruised 03. roguevirus included ten textures in this zip, so, you can continue adding Materials up to Bruised 10. However, this walk-through will only go through the first three. Note: This is how variants are handled in a BODYPART. You add the same Material over and over, renaming it, and applying different textures to it. This particular Material is the face. When in the Character Customization screen, clicking on this Head and scrolling through its options, you’ll be scrolling through these Bruised Materials.

4) Click Bruised 01. The Body Part Material Editor (BPME) window opens. Next to Diffuse, click inside the file path, change Euro to Modified Euro. After Textures/, change the rest of the path to Hit enter. If you had Specular and Normal textures, you’d add these now. Note: Sometimes the Modshop’s Browse feature doesn’t notice a Texture folder or its texture files, even after you’ve published an Addon and restarted. This was the case for me when writing this tutorial. You should try to Browse to Heads>Modified Euro>Young>Textures and choose the textures.

5) Highlight the entire modified path and (for PC) press Ctrl+C (copy) or Command + C (Mac).

6) In the Master Browser, click Bruised 02. In the BPME, highlight the entire Diffuse path and (for PC) press Ctrl+V (paste) or Command + V (Mac). Change the 01 at the end of the path to 02.

7) Repeat step 6 for Bruised 03, remembering to change the 01 to 03 and that there are a total of ten textures if you choose to add them.

8) Save again.

9) Login as a Publisher and, remembering to untick the Requires a License box, publish your Addon.

Tip: Texture Editing - If you’re going to create your own texture (or edit one), for a model, it’s helpful to set up the new template first. Once you’ve done so, leave the Modshop running, open your image editor, edit the image, and save it into Your Addon, in the model’s Textures folder with a name ending in 01. Fill in the appropriate file path and see how the texture looks. If you need to make changes to the texture, do not save it with the same name. The Modshop will not re-read the texture and will continue to display its first iteration until it’s been restarted. Instead, save the new texture with the same name but change the 01 to 02. Then, in the file path, change the 01 to 02 also. Do this as many times as you like (03, 04, 05, etc.) but remember to delete any unused textures before you do a final publish and pack of the Addon.