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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New competition launched

New year, new competition! For this contest, we want you to design a set and present it as a short movie. The movie shouldn't be any longer than 2 minutes and should give us a good idea of all the important elements of the set. For an example of a set walkthrough movie, take a look at tree's Japanese set. Action, choreography, dialogue or music are optional and you can use any content packs you like.

There are three categories with a winner selected in each:

  1. Moviestorm interior: must use Moviestorm content only (Moviestorm content includes customising objects where this is allowed by the normal set workshop interface, e.g. adding your own image to a picture or backdrop. No copyright images allowed, though - they must be original or licensed.) Interior sets need not be complete rooms: we will be looking at how good they look for filming in, so three-wall sets are fine.
  2. Moviestorm exterior: must use Moviestorm content only.
  3. Modded: can use user add-ons, sketchup imports, etc. Can be interior or exterior.

The winner in each category will get 1000 points. We'll give you a bonus of 1000 points if you send us the set as a stock set and allow us to distribute it free to other Moviestorm users (you'll need to give us or point us at the mods and/or custom images as well). You don't need to send those to enter, however - we'll contact you for the files when we make our final selections.

We'll judge the competition on the basis of lighting, general design and whether it's an interesting set in which to make films.

Closing date is noon (GMT) on Tuesday, 10 February, 2009.

Enter the competition via your Moviestormer page or the competitions page.

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