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Friday, April 11, 2008

Music Competition Winners

Moviestorm are thrilled to announce the winners of two recent Music Video competitions run within our community.

We had some great entries, and thoroughly enjoyed watching them with the speakers turned up full blast. We had all styles of music, from gritty urban grunge to jazz, lounge singing, and straight-up in-your-face rock - it hasn't been easy picking the winners. However, we think you'll agree that all our prize winners have really pushed the bounds of what Moviestorm can do.

Congratulations to all who entered - and keep those music vids coming!

Here are the winners...

A Rock Star is Born

Winner: Spong3y: Down With the Sickness (£250)
Runner up: kkffoo: The Band (1000 points)
Runner up: davidwww: Whatever Happened to...Storm Starr (1000 points)

Music Video 02

Winner: zuckerman: Horn Section (1800 points)
2nd place: Acen8: Journy of Music (1200 points)
3rd place: Spong3y: The Moviestorm Gr00ve (600 points)

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