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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Law and Order winners announced

We asked our users to create a demo trailer for a hypothetical Cop Show using Moviestorm and our new Law and Order content pack. We were really impressed by the quality and imagination of the entries. Some of them weren't quite what we were expecting, and all the better for it!

Our joint runners up included Castaneda Cops by bongoman, a rather surreal fusion of Carlos Casteneda's shamanism and an "alternative" police force. Our second joint runner up, Law and Order: Code Enforcement by MalcolmMcEasy is a cop show for a world running out of acronyms. Don't cross the Code Enforcement team, or you may find yourself up against the hanging judge! Our first place winner is a stylish and well-made piece that demonstrates the power of a good score and great editing: MSPD Crackdown by drudges.

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