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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Law and Order Pack released!

Short Fuze are very pleased to announce Moviestorm's Law and Order content pack. This pack is by far the best and biggest content pack we've ever released! It's packed with useful props, buildings, vehicles and set dressings.

But it's not just the moving police vehicles or the great costumes or even all the other useful props and sets that makes it such a fantastically useful pack; it's also got hundreds of new gestures and animations for both male and female characters. From handcuffing and frisking, to new firearms actions, report-taking, megaphone-using, badge-waving and much, much more. There are even a wide variety of shooting and dying animations for the ultimate in gritty animated crime drama (or extremely silly melodrama if that's how you roll).

Get it in the shop now (or we'll be taking you down to the station for questioning, sunshine).

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