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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Election ‘08 content pack released

We're very excited to announce the release of a brand new downloadable content pack for Moviestorm. Election '08 features new sets and characters with a decidedly US Election theme. Boasting new character models of Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, the pack also includes look-alikes in the guise of Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and President George Bush. Also included are an Oval Office set, TV Studio, Press Room and even a re-creation of Governor Palin's Alaska office.

This pack will be big news for satirists wanting to take advantage of breaking news headlines to create animated movies and spoof news items around the Presidential debates and campaigns running up to the November Election.

We'll update the pack with a Joe Biden model over the coming weeks but wanted to give you the pack just as soon as we could get it out the door.

Matt Kelland, Moviestorm Creative Director commented, "Moviestorm is all about giving people the opportunity to say what they think, in a new and entertaining way. Right now, the race for the White House is probably the hottest topic in the world, and everyone has an opinion they'd like to share."

So, get sharing! You can buy the pack now in the shop.

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