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Friday, May 30, 2008

New Moviestorm Tutorials Added

We've just updated our video tutorials to make them compliant with the latest version of Moviestorm; Early Access version 1.0.4.

You can visit the tutorials page and watch the tutorials directly in your web browser.

Learn how to:

  • Move around on your Moviestorm movie set, as well as how to make basic adjustments to your set.
  • Control your characters' actions on set, and how to make them interact.
  • Create and modify characters for your movie cast, using Moviestorm's Character tools.
  • Customise your set, including changing colours, adding walls and doors, adding furniture and deleting objects.

We'll be adding more tutorials in time, so keep checking back!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Song Contest Pack Released

We're delighted to announce the release of our latest Song Contest content pack. Unpack your karaoke machine and get your groove on with this exciting new pack, filled to the brim with colourful sets and bustin' moves. You can recreate your own X-Factors show where you decide who goes through and who doesn't. There's no nasty Simon or high-waisted trousers, but there are fancy outfits for men and women, loads of animated set furnishings and lots of Pop Idol-worthy animations.

You can buy the Song Contest Pack in the Store now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interview with the Nomad

Sounding like a sequel to a rather different well-known film, we're very pleased to feature Moviestorm director Hugh Hancock in this month's Director Interview. Hugh's short film based on Lord Byron's poem, When We Two Parted, caused a bit of a storm on YouTube last week. Given the top spot on the UK's Featured Video page on the same day we featured it here on the Moviestorm website, the film garnered more than 12,500 views in just a few short hours. Reaching that exalted spot on YouTube is quite a coup, but not all the feedback he received was entirely positive. Machinima fans were alternately up-in-arms, complimentary, nonplussed and downright rude. In this exclusive interview, Hugh tells us how he felt about the reaction from machinimakers, how he produced the film's unique visual style, and what he's got planned for the future.

Read the interview here.

Friday, May 09, 2008

SciFi Competition Announced

Today we launch the biggest competition we've run thus far. We want you to create some blockbuster quality SciFi movies that will show the world just what Moviestorm and Machinima can do. To encourage you to really push the spaceship out on this one, we're dangling a shiny futuristic carrot in the form of an exclusive screening at the prestigious Cambridge Film Festival.

The Cambridge Film Festival is one of the UK's most respected film festivals and they are keen to showcase Machinima and other new forms of filmmaking. We're very excited to be involved with the festival and hope you will be too.

Check out the competition page for more details about this fantastic opportunity for Moviestorm directors.

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