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Friday, December 05, 2008

1.1.2 Moviestorm Update Released

Our Moviestormers have been so very good this year that Santa has decided to stop in early with a big fat stocking filled with great updates to the Moviestorm software. We've made a variety of really useful changes that we hope will make animated moviemaking easier and the resulting movies even better.

Right at the top of the list are a couple of useful changes to character movement. Walk paths can now be edited in the Director's View and can follow curved paths that can be easily set. You can now ensure that your characters avoid each other or objects on set as well as make walk paths smoother and more realistic.

The technology behind the walk paths has also enabled us to provide moveable vehicles. Our vehicles now follow some basic kinetic rules, so the wheels rotate and turn, and the car body will bank when turning. This is only the first step though - we are already working on further vehicle functionality that will move cars to the forefront of your future productions! Just as cars are now moveable, so are other set objects, such as the Retro Saucer, Shuttle and TV Camera. More will follow...

We've also added a simple swaying motion to trees to give them a little life. This motion is automatically applied to any trees on your set. Control will follow in the next release to provide sway adjustment.

We've also made some interface improvements, specifically to the set object Customisation Panel which now floats in a handy moveable window. Additionally, set building has been simplified, as groups of set objects can now be grouped, then moved and rotated as one.

Finally, we've updated the recent free Holiday pack and you can get all the new features by simply starting up Moviestorm and letting it go off and grab the new code. If you haven't downloaded the Holiday pack yet, you should. It's still free, so go get it now!

There are more great features in this release and you can read all about all of them in the Release Notes.

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