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Thursday, December 10, 2009

What can you do with free Moviestorm?

This isn’t a load of marketing hype, where we show you all the things you can do with the free version of Moviestorm and tell you how good it is.  It’s an honest question, and we’d love to find out.  What can you do with it? So show us, and you could win up to 30,000 Moviestorm points and get yourself loads of free content packs.  (You don’t have to be a subscriber to use them.)

This competition was the idea of one of our users, Matt Martin (tkd27), so let’s hand over to him, since he’s going to be running it.

Full contest details are in the forums.

Moviestorm is going to put up 30,000 MS Points to go to three contest winners of a Base Pack Contest (and you don’t even have to be a subscriber to win or use the points). I’ll choose one winner, Moviestorm will choose another, and the last winner will be chosen by a community poll. It is possible that a really good movie will score its director all 30,000 points, or that three directors will walk away with 10,000 points each. Either way, that’s a lot of content! As Moviestorm said in the Christmas Contest announcement, 10,000 points is enough for at least 5 packs, but more if you buy smaller packs. So imagine what you can pick up if you walk away with all 30,000 points!

So - what can you NOT do?

-You cannot use ANY Moviestorm content packs, other than the Base pack that comes free.
-You cannot use ANY Photostorm content packs.
-You cannot use ANY 3rd party mods.
-You cannot use 3rd party special effects software (like After Effects) or plugins for your editor, like Sony Vegas, Premiere, Pinnacle, etc…

But you can…

-You CAN use a 3rd party editor for cutting Moviestorm footage together.
-You CAN use basic transitions and titling from you editor (the rule of thumb here is that it shouldn’t be anything that the free editor on your system - Windows Movie Maker or iMovie - can’t do).
-You CAN import video, music, pictures, sound effects, etc. into Moviestorm as long as it doesn’t involve modding (for example, you can play video on the TV on your set or import your own picture to paintings on the walls, but you can’t replace an asset’s texture files. It has to be done in engine).

So - how do you make sure you’re not using an asset from an addon content pack? Disabling content packs is simple. Here’s what you do:

1) Open Moviestorm.
2) Click on Settings (after you click start on the first splash screen, it’s one of three options, along with New Movie and Load Movie).
3) The Addons tab should be selected (if not, select it). On the bottom you’ll see a checkbox that says “select/deselect all.” Click that. This disables ALL content packs except Base and Core (Core is the pack containing core assets, like puppets skeletons, breathing animations and walls). Base and Core cannot be deselected. For this contest, they should be the ONLY asset packs selected.
4) Restart Moviestorm.

(when you’re done with your movie for this contest you can repeat this process and re-enable all your content packs, no problem )

Your movie can be any genre, any theme, any length. When you upload the movie to Moviestorm, be sure to include “basecontest” as a tag. This is how we will identify movies in the contest. If your movie doesn’t have this tag, it will not compete.

The contest will run from now until January 11, 2010, which gives you just over a month If anyone needs any further clarification on the rules, please ask here and I’ll answer

A good movie is all in the script, the acting and the direction - not just sets and costumes.  I’m betting that you CAN make a great movie using only the Base asset pack. Please prove me right!

So there you have it - we’re really looking forward to seeing what you can do!  Have fun!

Get Moviestorm free now!

        Download for Windows       Download for Mac      

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