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Thursday, September 03, 2009

uFail - iPhone app made with Moviestorm

You know how we’ve always said that we’re happy for people to use Moviestorm for commercial products?  Well, Sam Midwood and Heliodor Jalba, aka Badd Science, have gone and done it.

uFail: The App That WINS!!! is a forthcoming app for the iPhone which allows you to send animated insults to your friends, co-workers, teachers, or your boss (if you feel that foolhardy).  Most of the eight Fail-O-Mations in the launch version are made with Moviestorm, and more are promised.  uFail is going through Apple’s approval process at the moment, and should be released in a couple of weeks. We’ll let you know when it’s up.


You can find out more from Facebook, Twitter, or their Web site.

For those who don’t know him, Zuckerman was one of our very first users, creating great little movies like Horn Section, Being John Machinima, and A Doomsday Warning is in Effect.  We’re really pleased to see what he’s doing with it now.  Sam - you don’t FAIL!

(2) Comments | Permalink | Posted by Matt Kelland

Zuckerman on 09/03 at 09:45 AM

Thanks for the post, Short Fuze! 
uFail won’t actually have the Fail-A-Friend feature ‘till V.2. Right now It’s just for Failin’ someone within earshot.

But were very excited for release… and we’re even more excited that your excited!

Zuckerman on 09/03 at 09:59 AM

we’re ALSO even more excited that YOU’RE excited! doh!

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