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Monday, February 28, 2011


Trichophagia is the latest movie from Iain Friar. He’s not as prolific as some Moviestormers, but everything he turns out is an absolute gem. Iain’s an incredibly versatile director: his previous movies have included steampunk (Cloud Angels), comedy (Cut and Shut), post-apocalyptic (Embers), Victorian mystery (Ruth), and bleak political science fiction (Clockwork). This one’s a horror film of sorts.

A man with amnesia wakes cold and confused in what seems to be a prison cell. His fellow captives appear unwilling to explain his predicament, preferring to let him discover the truth for himself. Gradually, the full horror of the situation becomes clear.

What makes this film truly remarkable is the visual style. In Clockwork, Iain started experimenting with how he could get a unique look to his movies, and he employed a variety of post-production visual filters to create something that was quite unlike anything else. In Trichophagia, he goes a step further, adding on comic book styled speech bubbles and entire comic book sections. It’s a little strange at first, but it works much better than you might expect. As usual, his command of the gestures is magnificent, and combined with the first-rate voice acting and convincing script, the characters are some of the most convincing we’ve seen yet.

One thing that makes a refreshing change is the closing credits. He’s added in plenty of imagery to make them more interesting, and as a result you don’t feel the need to skip through to the end. That’s something a lot of people could learn from.

Anyway, here it is. For best results, click through to Vimeo and watch it full-screen in HD.

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