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Friday, December 18, 2009

Subscriptions and rentals explained

Wondering about Moviestorm subscriptions and content rental? Here’s how it all works, at a glance.

What do I get?

Moviestorm plus base packimageimage
Photostorm & Greetingstorm packsimageimage
Your own director’s pageimageimage
Access to forumsimageimage
Host your movies on Moviestorm Web siteimageimage
Buy official content packs at full price for cashimageimage
Buy official content packs for Moviestorm pointsimageimage
Rent official content packs for Moviestorm pointsimageimage
Use unofficial content packs (mods)imageimage
Create content packs with Modder’s workshopimageimage

What are Moviestorm points?
Moviestorm points (MSPs) are a way for subscribers to buy or rent content packs in the Moviestorm Marketplace.  You get some MSPs included with your subscription, and you can buy more whenever you need them.  Using MSPs works out at least 30% cheaper than paying the full cash price. 

More about using MSPs

What’s content rental?
Instead of buying content packs, you can choose to rent them by the day or by the month for just a few MSPs.  A pack that costs 2000 MSPs to buy costs only 200 MSPs for a month, or just 20 MSPs for a day.  This is useful if you only need a pack for a few scenes or a single movie, or if you just want to try before you buy. If you’re not making many movies, you’ll probably find that by renting, the MSPs you get with your subscription will cover all your content needs.

More about content pack rental

What subscription options are there?
There are currently three subscription options: for pricing in your currency, see the subscription page.
• Annual subscription: gives you 8000 MSPs.
• Three month subscription: gives you 2000 MSPs.
• Monthly subscription: gives you 800 MSPs. This automatically renews every month until you cancel, so you get 800 MSPs each month.
We have more subscription options planned for January 2010, including a lifetime subscription option.

More about subscriptions

How can I pay?
Right now, we can accept most credit cards.  We’re currently experiencing technical problems with American Express and PayPal, but we’ll be able to take them soon.

What’s the Modder’s Workshop?
As well as the content packs produced by Short Fuze, you can create your own, either by using a 3D modelling tool or importing content from Google Sketchup.  As a subscriber you can make your own mods and use mods created by other modders.

Modders’ forum

Is that it?
We’ll be announcing more subscriber benefits in 2010.

(2) Comments | Permalink | Posted by Matt Kelland

(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 02/02 at 10:06 AM

Why only 8000 msp for annual subscription and a total of 9600 msp for monthly? I want to subscribe but I want the best band for my dollar. Can someone please answer this question for me?

(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 02/05 at 08:11 AM

With monthly, you pay $96 over the year (to within a few pennies). With annual, you pay $80.  So you still pay 1c per MSP, whichever you choose.

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