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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Restaurant Dining pack released


Treat your characters to an elegant meal in one of our customisable contemporary restaurant interiors, featuring a full menu of food and drinks, and a huge selection of animations for the perfect dining scene. The pack includes a classy restaurant in both full light and dim evening light and a diner for less special occasions.

It’s just what you need for filming classic scenes from movies such as When Harry Met Sally, Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas, or simply planning your wedding seating.

For best effect, pair it with the Wardrobe 02 pack which includes a maitre d’, chefs, and serving staff.

Available now from the Moviestorm Marketplace for 2000 Moviestorm Points.  For even better value, you can use it for a month for 200 MSP, or try it for a day for just 20 MSP.

What You Get

Chair + food combo item with many customisation options:

  • 4 cutlery options
  • 2 wine options
  • 3 wineglass options
  • 2 napkin options
  • 3 chair options
  • 2 placemat options
  • 3 side dish (bread) options
  • 3 coffee options
  • 3 first course options (with further variations)
  • 9 main course options
  • 7 dessert options
  • 4 wine options for how full the glasses are
  • 2 breakfast options

Snap-together tables

  • Square Connecting Table
  • Table for Two
  • Round 4 Seat Table
  • Round 6 Seat Table

Customisable restaurant set components: wood or tintable paneled walls

  • Restaurant Display Case
  • Restaurant Divider Corner
  • Restaurant Divider Straight
  • Restaurant Pillar
  • Wall section with lights
  • Restaurant Wall
  • Restaurant Window


  • Stop eating dessert
  • Pick up knife and fork
  • Eat soup
  • Pick up glass
  • Eating loop 2
  • Start to drink coffee
  • Gesture with soup spoon
  • Stand from table
  • Pick up soup spoon
  • Drink Wine
  • Sit at table
  • Stop fiddling with food
  • Finish wine
  • Put down soup spoon
  • Eating loop 1
  • Point with knife
  • Quick toast
  • Get spoon for dessert
  • Wave
  • Eat dessert
  • Drink coffee
  • Put coffee down
  • End toast
  • Put down knife and fork
  • Put glass down
  • Stir soup
  • Eat bread roll
  • Start to fiddle with food
  • Pour wine for self
  • Raise glass for toast
  • Pour wine for both
  • Fiddle with food loop

Waiter’s props

  • Notepad
  • Tray and cloche

Stock sets

  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant (lights dimmed)
  • Blue Diner

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Trinity on 05/19 at 09:03 AM


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