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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pricing for the Moviestorm Streets bundle

Special Streets bundle deal - pay £15.98 for all three packs!

If you buy the Street Bundle, due out on Feb 25, you just pay for the Buildings and Cars, and we’ll throw in the Street Dressing for free. 

How’s that?

To whet your appetite still further for the new content packs, here’s what you get in each one.

Town Buildings (price £7.99)

The townhouse is divided into several set objects, each of which is highly customisable.
Townhouse Ground Floor
- 10 Wall textures (of which 4 are tintable)
- 17 Window styles each with tintable frames and curtains
- 20 Door styles, each with wood and tintable variations
- 6 Porch styles with tintable paintwork
- Edging at ground level
- 5 Edging designs at top
- 9 Dirt Maps

In order to give you maximum compatibility with the existing Moviestorm content, the 20 door styles are available as variations of normal Moviestorm doors, the 17 window styles used in the Ground Floor are all available as normal Moviestorm windows, and the 4 casement windows can be opened.  The 10 new wall textures are available for normal Moviestorm walls, and the 6 porches are available as set objects.

Townhouse Upper Floor
- 10 Wall textures (matching the Ground Floor)
- 15 Window Styles each with tintable frames or curtains
- 5 Edging designs at top (matching the Ground Floor)
- 9 Dirt Maps

Townhouse Roof (7 different roof shapes).
- Tintable roof tiles or roof slates.
- 10 Wall textures (matching the Ground Floor, for those roofs with walls)
- 5 Chimney textures
- 9 Window Variations each with tintable frames or curtains
- 8 Dirtmaps (separated for walls and roof tiles)

General Cars (price £7.99)

8 Different cars, which can drive around in Moviestorm. They each have customisable colours, customisable number plates, rotating wheels, headlights/rear lights which can be turned on and off during movies.There are 6 different driver/passenger variations, based around either Families, or Boy Racers. Each person has tintable clothing, and variants on skin and hair colour.

StreetDressing contents (price £4.99)

Road Markings
- Road Arrow
- Road Zig-zag White
- Road Zig-zag Yellow
- Road Corner Double Yellow
- Road Corner Single Yellow
- Road Crossing
- Road Parking Bay
- Road Stop Markings
- Road Stripes 100cm Double White
- Road Stripes 100cm Double Yellow
- Road Stripes 100cm Single White
- Road Stripes 100cm Single Yellow
- Road Stripes 250cm Double White
- Road Stripes 250cm Double Yellow
- Road Stripes 250cm Single White
- Road Stripes 250cm Single Yellow
- Road Stripes 500cm Double White
- Road Stripes 500cm Double Yellow
- Road Stripes 500cm Single White
- Road Stripes 500cm Single Yellow

Road Signs
- Diversion Left
- Diversion Right
- Police
- Road Closed
- Warning Men Working
- Warning Woman Working
- AFrame TriAngle WorkMen
- Dead End
- Do Not Enter
- Give Way
- Motor Vehicle
- No Entry
- No Left Turn
- No Left Turn US
- No Right Turn
- No Right Turn US
- No Through
- No U Turn
- No U Turn US
- Road Work Ahead
- Road Works
- Speed Camera
- Speed Camera US
- Speed Limit 20, 30, 40
- Speed Zone 20, 30, 40
- Stop
- Yield

Other Street Dressings:
- TrafficCone 3 styles
- 3 Bar Barrier 3 variants + single post versions
- Bench 3 variants + tint
- Bin Bags 3 variants + tint
- Black Metal Bollard 3 var + tint
- Bus Shelter Large 6 variants + flat or curved roof and customisable posters
- Bus Shelter Small 6 variants + flat or curved roof and customisable posters
- Concrete Bollard 3 variants + tint
- Crossing Lights 4 way 3 variants x different light colours
- Pedestrian Crossing 3 variants x different light colours
- Crossing Light Single 3 variants x different light colours
- Crowd Barrier 3 variants
- Dumpster 3 variants + tint
- Litter Bin 3 variants + tint
- Litter Pile 2 variants
- Road Cone
- Stainless Steel Bollard 3 variants + tint

Animated objects:
- Traditional English Phone Booth 4 var
- Modern Phone Booth 4 var

Animations for characters using the Phone Booths
- Dial Number
- Enter Phone Booth
- Hammer On Phone Booth
- Leave Phone Booth
- Pick Up Phone
- Replace Phone Gently
- Slam Phone Down
- Talk On Phone

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