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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New sound effects pack released

Liven up your movies with this amazing collection of over 200 sound effects from audio specialists Earcom. You’ll get beeps, screams, laughs, creaks, explosions, footsteps, gunshots, burps, doorbells, applause, monstrous roars, and much more in this varied pack!

Available in the marketplace now.

Check this lot out!

Ambience, birds, distant traffic, night
Ambience, birds, farm animals
Ambience, cafe, chatter
Ambience, traffic, london, roof top
Animal, bee, synthetic
Animal, crickets, night
Animal, monster, roar 1
Animal, monster, roar 2
Animal, monster, roar 3
Bathroom, drips, atmos
Camera 35mm click and reload 1
Camera 35mm click and reload 2
Cash till, ring, old fashioned
Clock, grandfather, chime
Clock, grandfather, tick
Comedy, boing 1
Comedy, boing 2
Comedy, machine 1
Comedy, pop
Comedy, squeaky toy
Computer, typing
Crowd, small, applause, chapel 1
Crowd, small, applause, chapel 2
Crowd, small, applause, close 1
Door, bathroom cupboard, close
Door, bathroom cupboard, open
Door, bell ring
Door, creak 1
Door, creak 2
Door, hotel, close
Door, hotel, open
Door, room close 1
Door, room close 2
Door, room close 3
Door, room close 4
Door, room close 5
Door, room open 1
Door, room open 2
Door, room open 3
Door, room open 4
Door, room open 5
Doorbell, electronic
Drink fizz
Electricity arc
Explosion, distant 1
Explosion, distant 2
Explosion, large 1
Explosion, large 2
Explosion, large 3
Firework bang 1
Firework bang 2
Firework multiple
Firework woosh 1
Firework woosh 2
Firework, scream 1
Firework, scream 2
Foley, bag drop 1
Foley, bag drop 2
Foley, bag drop 3
Foley, brushing clothes
Foley, clothing movement 1
Foley, clothing movement 10
Foley, clothing movement 11
Foley, clothing movement 12
Foley, clothing movement 13
Foley, clothing movement 14
Foley, clothing movement 15
Foley, clothing movement 16
Foley, clothing movement 17
Foley, clothing movement 18
Foley, clothing movement 19
Foley, clothing movement 2
Foley, clothing movement 3
Foley, clothing movement 4
Foley, clothing movement 5
Foley, clothing movement 6
Foley, clothing movement 7
Foley, clothing movement 8
Foley, clothing movement 9
Foley, leather creak 1
Foley, leather creak 2
Foley, page turn 1
Foley, page turn 2
Foley, slide 1
Foley, slide 2
Foley, squeaky bed 1
Footstep, giant 1
Footstep, giant 2
Game, bonus 1
Gun, shot, exterior 1
Gun, shot, exterior 2
Human, burp 1
Human, burp 2
Human, cough 1
Human, cough 2
Human, drink 1
Human, drink 2
Human, eat 1
Human, finger click
Human, kiss 1
Human, laugh, female 1
Human, laugh, female 2
Human, laugh, male 1
Human, laugh, male 2
Human, laugh, male 3
Human, laugh, male 4
Human, laugh, male 5
Human, scream, female 1
Human, scream, female 2
Human, scream, female 3
Human, scream, female 4
Human, scream, female 5
Human, scream, female 6
Human, scream, male 1
Human, scream, male 2
Human, scream, male 3
Human, scream, male 4
Human, scream, male 5
Human, whistle 1
Human, whistle 2
Impact, car crunch 1
Impact, car crunch 2
Impact, car crunch 3
Impact, car window smash
Impact, crunch big 1
Impact, crunch big 2
Impact, crunch short 1
Impact, crunch short 2
Impact, crunch short 3
Impact, glass small
Impact, glass window smash 1
Impact, glass window smash 2
Impact, human hit 1
Impact, human hit 2
Impact, human hit 3
Impact, human hit 4
Impact, human hit 5
Impact, human hit 6
Impact, human, soft 1
Impact, human, soft 2
Impact, human, soft 3
Impact, metal canister ring
Impact, metal clatter
Impact, metal hollow
Keys, pick up
Machine, aquarium
Machine, garage, pressure
Mechanical, computer fan
Mechanical, electric shaver
Mechanical, fan
Mechanical, fridge
Mechanical, radio, static
Mechanical, ratchet
Metal creak 1
Metal creak 2
Room tone, small office 2, play quietly
Room tone, small office, play quietly
Scifi, alarm 1
Scifi, alarm 2
Scifi, alarm 3
Scifi, beep 1
Scifi, beep 2
Scifi, click 1
Scifi, click 2
Scifi, computer 1
Scifi, computer 2
Scifi, computer 3
Scifi, door 1
Scifi, heart of goldie
Scifi, laser 1
Scifi, laser 2
Scifi, laser 3
Scifi, laser 4
Scifi, laser 5
Scifi, motor 1
Scifi, strange atmos
Scrape, wood
Speech, robot countdown
Squishes 1
Switch 1
Switch 2
Switch 3
Telephone calling
Telephone put down, old fashioned
Telephone ring, old fashioned
Vehicle, buss, pass
Vehicle, car door close
Vehicle, car door open
Vehicle, jet, pass 1
Vehicle, jet, pass 2
Vehicle, train, pass
Water, cup, fill up
Water, hose pipe trickle
Waves, beach
Weapon, arrow, impact 1
Weapon, arrow, impact 2
Weapon, arrow, impact 3
Weapon, arrow, shoot 1
Weapon, arrow, shoot 2
Weapon, arrow, shoot 3
Weapon, sword, clash 1
Weapon, sword, clash 2
Weapon, sword, clash 3
Weather, rain, heavy 1
Weather, rain, heavy 2
Weather, rain, light 1
Weather, rain, light 2
Weather, rain, window
Weather, thunder rumble 1
Weather, thunder rumble 2
Weather, thunder rumble 3
Weather, thunder rumble 4
Wine glasses chink
Woosh, big 1
Woosh, big 2
Woosh, big 3
Woosh, big 4
Woosh, gun swoop 1
Woosh, gun swoop 2
Woosh, small 1
Woosh, small 2
Woosh, small 3
Woosh, small 4
Woosh, small 5
Woosh, small 6
Writing with pen

(2) Comments | Permalink | Posted by Matt Kelland

green laser poionter on 01/19 at 07:33 AM

I can’t download the file now.

laser pointer on 04/13 at 05:56 AM

Where can I download this sound effects..?

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