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Monday, November 22, 2010

New pricing for Moviestorm - now you get more for your money!

Starting today, we’re introducing new pricing options for Moviestorm. They give you more for your money, and it’s easier to understand what you get.

Note: If you’re an existing customer, you can choose to stay on your current plan or switch to a new one. There’s absolutely no obligation to change - just pick whichever plan works best for you. 

The biggest change is that we’re no longer including Moviestorm points as standard.  Now, when you get Moviestorm, you pick one of six themed bundles of content: Action Movies, Music Video, Situation Drama, Fantasy Films, Factual TV or Kids’ Shows. Each bundle includes at least eleven packs to get you going in whatever genre you pick. If you want more content, you can buy points separately and choose whatever additional packs you want from the Marketplace

We’re also introducing a new option, Moviestorm Complete 2010, which includes Moviestorm plus most of the content packs we’ve created internally so far.  It’s easily the most cost-effective way to build up your Moviestorm asset library, as it works out at under $7 per pack.

As before, you have the choice to buy any of the bundles outright, or else get a 1-month, 3-month license, or 12-month license. The longer the license, the more you’ll save - a 12-month license costs the same as 5 months bought individually!  If you choose one of the limited licenses, you can opt to make it a regular payment. You’ll be billed automatically when your license expires, and your Moviestorm usage won’t be interrupted. You can cancel recurring payments at any time.  Just pick whatever suits your budget: get going for as little as $10, or buy everything for $225.

And whatever you choose, you have 7 days free to try before making a decision.

How much does it cost?

Moviestorm Complete 2010 bundle (Moviestorm Studio, Modders’ Workshop, 35 content packs)

  • Full purchase:  $225 / £150 / €200
  • 12 month license: $150 / £100 / €125
  • 3 month license: $60 / £40 / €50
  • 1 month license: $30 / £20 / €25

Moviestorm Theme bundles (Moviestorm Studio, Modders’ Workshop, 11 content packs)

  • Full purchase: $75 / £50 / €60
  • 12 month license: $50 / £35 / €40
  • 3 month license: $20 / £14 / €16
  • 1 month license: $10 / £7 / €8

To get Moviestorm, or switch your existing plan, visit your account on the Moviestorm web site and click Subscription Plan.  Remember, if you already have a Moviestorm license, you can choose to stick with the one you’ve got or switch to one of the new plans.

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