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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moviestorm - now available in Linux flavour!

We released a version of Moviestorm for Mac OSX some time ago, and it’s proven very popular. It’s great to be able to support more than one operating system, and we’ve been delighted to welcome Mac users from all over the world. We’ve even been on the cover of MacFormat magazine.

Thus far, though, Linux users haven’t had an invitation to the party. We’d love to be able to write a Linux-native version of Moviestorm, but we just don’t have the resources to spare to make it happen. Some of the Linux fans in the Moviestorm community have managed - with a lot of hacking, cursing and geekery - to make the Windows version of Moviestorm run under a compatibility layer, but that was only a solution for an experienced Linux user (and it didn’t always work even then).

That’s not the case any more. Moviestormer rhys132 has discovered that Moviestorm runs brilliantly under the Crossover compatibility layer. This is great news for anybody wanting to run Moviestorm on a Linux PC. With Crossover, installing Windows applications on a Linux PC couldn’t be simpler.

Crossover is a commercial piece of software, built on top of the open-source WINE project. WINE isn’t an emulator for Windows - in fact, the name WINE stands for WINE Is Not an Emulator in typically-hilarious programmer fashion - but a compatibility layer. The distinction is subtle, but important. It means that the instructions Moviestorm sends to what it believes is a Windows operating system get translated into the appropriate equivalent instructions for Linux. That makes it as close to a native Linux implementation of Moviestorm as we’re likely to see, at least in the near future.

Fancy giving it a go? rhys132’s excellent tutorial will step you through it.

Moviestorm running on Ubuntu Linux with Crossover

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