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Friday, January 29, 2010

Moviestorm content - now even cheaper and easier

We’ve reduced the prices on over half the packs in the Marketplace. Packs previously priced at 1300 MSPs are now just 1000 MSPs, and packs priced at 600 MSPs are now 500 MSPs. Rental prices are now 100/50 MSPs per month, or 10/5 MSPs per day.

Why? So you can get even more for your monthly sub. And, let’s be honest, it’s a whole lot easier working in nice round numbers.

But that’s not all!

To make it even easier for you, we’ve assembled several 800-point bundles. In the Marketplace, click on Ready-made bundles. Each of these bundles includes between five and ten packs, and costs 800 points to rent for a month. Next month, keep the packs you like and change the packs you’re not using any more, or just pick a whole new bundle.  A bundle is all covered by your monthly subscription fee, so you’re not paying anything extra!

Available bundles include:

Police, Camera, Action!
If you’re a fan of CSI, Law & Order, or The Bill, this is the bundle you’ll need. You get cops and criminals, a police station, a cell, cop cars, plus all the props and animations required to commit robbery, deal drugs, check out the crime scene, fight blazing gun battles, and arrest the perps!

Out of this world
If you’re a science fiction fan, this what you need to get you going. It includes aliens in space suits with ray guns, flying spaceships, and space station interiors, plus special effects. You’ll also get the President, his military advisors, soldiers, and the White House, ready to respond to the threat of alien invasion, as well as a wardrobe full of extra costumes and hairstyles.

Sweet loving
If you like curling up on a sofa or snuggling up in bed with a romantic comedy or a sitcom, then this is the bundle for you. You’ll get our biggest selection of costumes and hairstyles, as well as sets for living rooms, bedrooms, and gardens. And, for those intimate conversations, a coffee shop.

Let’s rock!
Whatever your kind of music, whether you want to get your groove on, rock the joint, sing your heart out, or mellow out with some smooth sounds, you’ll find what you need in here. There’s a varied mix of musicians and instruments, including the amazing Guitar Hero Storm, dancers, a DJ booth, a recording studio, venues, and stage effects including lasers, lights, smoke, and pyros.

Scary movie
Vampires, werewolves, zombies - what makes your perfect horror movie? All of them? That’s what you get with this bundle - monsters, monsters, and more monsters! There’s also a bedroom, the perfect setting for those night-time terrors, and the special effects pack, so you can make it rainy or foggy, cast spells, wave burning torches, or blow things up.

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