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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moviestorm case studies - the enthusiasts

Moviestorm was originally created with the amateur filmmaker in mind. It was designed for people who have stories to tell and a passion for film, but who don’t have film training, the budget for expensive kit or software, and whose imagination surpasses what you can do with just a cheap camera and some friends, Since we started developing Moviestorm, we have always kept in mind the vision of filmmakers using it to launch a career, get their movies shown on big screens, and turn their dream into more than just a hobby.

We’d like to present to you two Moviestorm users who epitomise this spirit.

Iain Friar

Iain Friar (aka IceAxe) is a machinima director from the UK, who works as a salesman for a large computer peripherals company. He started out making comedy sketches, and then moved on to more thought-provoking and visually interesting drama covering sci-fi, horror, mystery, and steampunk.

His most successful movie so far is Clockwork, which has been screened at film festivals around the world, and virtual festivals online. It has won many awards, including Ollies for Best Arthouse and Best Shortform movie, and in 2009 won the Machinima Expo Grand Prize.

Iain has loved the feeling of having his movies shown on a big screen and engaging with other filmmakers. “I started contacting some local film societies, who were very keen to have me go along, give a little introduction, talk a little bit about making movies using Moviestorm and show my movies. It’s been shown in Winchester, Andover etc. Andover showed it in their local cinema - they went to great lengths to get the right equipment to actually show my movie - I really appreciated that. Afterwards, the audience could ask questions, and the response was fantastic.”

Damien Valentine

Damien Valentine (aka Darth Angelus) is a long-term machinimator. He is currently making the Chronicles of Humanity series, working with Felicia Day (The Guild, Buffy, Dr Horrible). He got Felicia involved simply by writing to her and showing her the script. She loved the story and was impressed by Damien’s passion and commitment, and agreed to take part.

Damien told us that “Chronicles of Humanity” was originally made with The Sims and I was never truly happy with that version, so I thought about switching to Moviestorm for season two.  But I was so impressed by Moviestorm’s capabilities when seeing what I could do, I decided to go back and remake the whole thing.” 

The series launches online on April 26. On the same day, he is releasing a feature-length version, which will be screened at the Little Theatre in Bath.

We’re very proud of both these guys, and everything they’ve achieved. They’re an inspiration to all of us. They’ve shown us that given the right tools, talent and persistence will shine through. Read more about both of them on the Web site.


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