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Friday, October 09, 2009

Moviestorm 1.1.7 - what’s in it

Moviestorm 1.1.7 is all nicely wrapped up and the launch countdown to next week has begun, so we can finally tell you what’s in it.

New features and major changes

- There’s a whole new user interface, with a new look and feel.
- Faster startup and faster asset loading, better performance all round, and better framerate for a lot of hardware combinations.
- Walk curves now include waypoints, which means you can change a character’s gait mid-walk.
- We’ve changed the asset structure and catalog functionality.  This includes a new UI for selecting and placing set objects, new UI for easy access to list of objects already in the scene.
- New Preview versions of Content Packs allow users to see set objects, props and costumes you haven’t yet bought.  If you click on an item, you can go straight to the online marketplace and buy the pack the item is in.
- Many set objects and props have new, clearer thumbnails.
- New look and improvements to the Script view, including a full timeline that shows all characters, dialog, active set objects, and camera moves & cuts.
- New functionality in Director’s View to show or hide set objects (keyframeable).  This has all sorts of uses, including special effects.
- Movies no longer need a character in the cast list in order to progress to the Director’s View, Camerawork View or Cutting Room View.  This means you can set up scenes without people in to use as establishing shots.
- The Director’s View ring menu now shows the marker colour for the active character.
- The Moviestorm End-User Licence agreement has been updated. A copy of the EULA in HTML format can also be found in the Moviestorm directory.
- Improvements to the Moviestorm Launcher:
- The Content Packs screen in the launcher now shows thumbnails, and lists packs which you haven’t yet bought. 
- Install button to install 3rd-party content packs now appears in the launcher rather than the Moviestorm settings menu.
- Modders workshop can now be started directly from the Launcher. This button will only appear when signed in as a user with a Publisher’s Licence.
- Modders Workshop has been updated to reflect new asset structure.

Resolved issues

- Moviestorm no longer crashes to desktop when an in-progress render is cancelled.
- Uploading to YouTube directly from Moviestorm is now working again.
- Moviestorm will no longer use excessive amounts of memory when switching to the Dressing Room.
- The default camera is now named Main camera rather than <<MAIN>>
- Animation blending improvements should eliminate jumps between animations.
- Cel-shading on floor textures now works correctly after saving and reloading a movie.
- Ambient shadows will no longer occasionally inherit a character’s mark colour.
- Use Prop animations will no longer display incorrectly when the character is the subject of a Look At command.
- The Create A Wall button now correctly toggles the tool on and off.
- Layering many multiple Say commands will no longer cause Moviestorm to run out of resources.
- Issuing a Point At command for a character who is already using a gun will no longer cause the character’s torso to distort.
- Playback of audio under Windows XP is now more reliable.
- Moviestorm should no longer require a force-quit under certain Mac architecture.
- Re-ordering camera keyframes which include Dutch Tilt will no longer cause Moviestorm to crash.
- Activities no longer sometimes play back in the wrong order during first playback of a scene.

Content packs

Most of the content packs have been republished to take advantage of the faster loading and updated thumbnails.

Specific updates include:

Special Effects
- Explosions no longer appears incorrectly in Camerawork View.
- Animations using the Torch prop no longer include the lighter in the wrong place.

- Reduced normals on the Paquet floor.
- Added the ambient shadow for the Family Saloon Car.

- The Female devil horns are no longer inside-out.

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