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Friday, October 16, 2009

Moviestorm patch

Following the release of Moviestorm 1.1.7 on Wednesday, you guys found a number of bugs.  Most of them are the sort of thing we expected, and we’ll fix them in due course.  However, there are a few that need to be sorted out right away, so we’re putting together a patch release.  This is scheduled to be shipped next week.

Key issues being addressed:

- Running Moviestorm fullscreen causes it to flicker badly
- Weather effects distort the camera view
- Under some circumstances doors don’t work properly
- Several problems caused by user-created mods
- Some backwards compatibility issues with old movies not loading correctly
- Issues with Snow Leopard

We’re not sure exactly how much we’ll squeeze into this patch - we figured it would be best to get something out to you as soon as possible and deal with the most critical issues, rather than wait until we’ve fixed a load of them and leave you hanging for a few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s some advice when upgrading.

- Don’t run Moviestorm fullscreen.  Before upgrading, change the setting in 1.1.6, and then upgrade.  (If you’ve already hit the fullscreen problem, here’s how to get around it.)
- If you have mods installed, disable them before upgrading and check Moviestorm 1.1.7 runs OK without them, then re-enable your mods. 
- If you have 2Gb or more of memory, use this method to change the memory settings - changing the heap size in won’t work.
- If you have an Nvidia graphics card, update the drivers.
- If you’re running on Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6), make sure you install the Nvidia CG toolkit before you install Moviestorm.

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