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Monday, April 27, 2009

Moviestorm 1.1.5 released, plus a free set and a movie!

We did it!  At long last, despite all kinds of development hell, Moviestorm version 1.1.5 is now out!

Key improvements to 1.1.5:

    1: Walking though doors now works correctly when the character is using a Gait or a Blended Gait.
    2: Fix for crash problem on Macs with ATI graphics when loading user textures.
    3: Character improvisation has been improved.
    4: Blink time, Saccades, Breathing rate and Breathing depth sliders were not consistent. Moving any of these sliders to the left now reduces the effect.
    5: Female walk updated to be more feminine.
    6: The animation for a character’s head will no longer ‘pop’ at the end of a walk if the character walks while looking at something.
    7: The animation for a character’s head will no longer ‘pop’ if the character is looking at something while sat down. 
    8: Changing a character’s sex will no longer break held prop animations on that character.
    9: Fix for a crash that was happening as rendering was finishing.
    10: Support for the upcoming Criminals pack, allowing multiple sounds on held prop animations.
    11: Major improvements to the Modders Workshop, principally in user interface and navigation.
    12: PC only: Playing video on set objects no longer uses FFMpeg; it now uses Directshow. This significantly improves video-playing on set objects.
    13: Tree Grate doesn’t overlap on the z-axis with the ground textures so much.
    14: Updated the Draw and Holster animations for the pistol so that the poses match each other better.
    15: Updated the male Hair_Bald to not cast shadows, which should improve it’s appearance.

There are also fixes to various content packs:

    - Skinning for Car Euro 03 updated (General Cars)
    - Storm stock character added. (Storm - Guitar Legend)
    - Rockstar Head restored & reshaped to fit a wider range of hairstyles (Storm - Guitar Legend)
    - Rockstar Hair restored (Storm - Guitar Legend)
    - Added pistol animations to transition between the Base pack gun-holding poses and the Law And Order gun-holding poses. (Law And Order)
    - Improved the sound of the police car sirens (Law And Order)
    - Assigned walking sounds to the Police costumes (Law And Order)
    - Book should no longer be upside-down during reading (Domestic Drama - Bedrooms)

And, as we’ve been promising for what seems like ages, you can now get yourself one of the winning sets from our stock sets competition, the Mountain Road.  The stock set is free from the store, but you will need to buy the following content packs to make it work: Foliage, SciFi, Domestic Drama Bedrooms, Law And Order, and R&B and Dance Music Video. (Or grab the 2008 Compilation bundle, which has them all in.)

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And lastly, but by absolutely no means leastly, here’s a preview of some of the assets from the long awaited Criminals pack, which will be shipped very, very soon indeed.  No, really, we mean it.  Very, very soon indeed. 


Created in Moviestorm

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