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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Move it! Latest animation mods

A couple of months ago, we released the data for the Moviestorm skeletons to the mod community, along with some tutorials on how they work. This has given people everything they need to start creating animations. So far nearly 100 new animations have been released by modders, most of them free. For this mod round-up, we’ve collected together as many of the new animation packs as we can find.

Some of them are quite similar to some existing Moviestorm animations. That means you get more variety: instead of all your actors doing exactly the same thing, they can each have different ways of acting. That gives your movies a more natural, less mechanical look.

This is only a small selection of what’s been released recently: searching the movies for mod demo will give you a lot more, and also keep an eye on the modding forum

If you want to create your own mods, our modders’ page has everything you need, as well as video tutorials.

As always, please remember that we don’t support mods. That’s entirely between you and the modder.

KV’s Gestures (v2)

Creator: KV (Si Stanisauskis)
Cost: Free
Contents:  29 male & 29 female gestures
Get it from: Machinimods

This is the largest animation pack released so far. It has a wide selection of gestures from simple eyebrow wiggles and facial movements to more expressive hand gestures. It’s also got a few rude gestures in, ranging from the comedic to more edgy ones. Our favourites in this pack are the “talk to the hand” gesture and the Star Trek Vulcan greeting.


Creator: Nahton
Cost: Free
Contents:  male & female gestures
Get it from: Machinimods

Nahton’s first animation pack includes a few useful hand gestures. There’s a 1-2-3 count, and a “push button” animation that will come in handy in all sorts of places. There’s also a nice foot movement perfect for crushing a cigarette butt or a bug.

Male comedy animations

Creator: SquirrelyGirl
Cost: $5
Contents:  22 male gestures
Get it from: Mods’n'more

Although these are billed as comedy animations, they can be used in many different ways. The “broke” animation, for example, has a guy checking his pockets and then shrugging, while the “don’t shoot” animation is a nice alternative to the existing “hands up” gesture, and the “double take” could fit perfectly well in a horror movie or thriller. There are also three nice pointing gestures that could be used pretty much anywhere.

Military movements

Creator: SquirrelyGirl
Cost: Free
Contents: Attention, salute, at ease
Get it from: Moviestorm forums

A small pack of military movements for both male and female characters. Unfortunately the character’s feet slide, rather than being picked up and put down, but if you’re careful with your camera angles, this won’t matter.

Drama gestures

Creator: SquirrelyGirl
Cost: Free
Contents: Four male & female two-handed gestures
Get it from: Moviestorm forums

These are simple gestures that add a little expression to dialog sequences. For both characters, there’s a “what” and a “whatever”. Females have a hand clasp, and males have a gesture that’s called “worried”, but could be used for “ashamed”.

My first animations

Creator: SquirrelyGirl
Cost: Free
Contents: Two male & female gestures
Get it from: Moviestorm forums

A tiny pack containing a stomp and a flinch for both male and female.

Two animations

Creator: Yarmond
Cost: Free
Contents: Two male & female gestures
Get it from: Megaupload - whisper and air pistol

Another tiny pack containing a whisper and a “flirty air pistol” - basically pretending to use your fingers as a gun.

Congratulations to all the modders who’ve mastered the animations - we’re looking forward to seeing more from you soon.

By way of a preview, here’s something KV is working on - the first mutual (two-person) animation. One person approaches another from behind and strangles them. This is likely to be available very soon.

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Dorothy @ Poster Print on 03/19 at 06:25 PM

Simply great. Thanks for posting these videos. They’re really helpful.

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