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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More music for your movies

Music can make all the difference to a movie - as we always say, movies are an audio-visual medium!  Well-chosen music can often convey mood far more effectively than visuals or words ever can.

We’ve added three new packs of royalty-free music to the Music and Sound section of the Marketplace, created by Soundfactor Music Productions.  That’s 161 atmospheric and evocative tracks, suitable for everything from dark and dangerous scenes to pounding chases, tranquil woodland, or reflective introspection.  Most tracks are one to three minutes long, ideal for credits sequences or a typical scene. Whatever type of movie you’re making, there’s bound to be something in this collection that meets your needs.


Music packs are 2000 points each for subscribers - buy a three-month sub for $19.99 (£12.99 or €16.99) and you’ll start off with enough points to get one pack absolutely free.  You can buy extra points for $9.99 (£5.99 / €6.99) per 1000 - and they get cheaper if you buy 10,000 or more at a time - so each additional pack works out at under $20.  (Or take a year’s sub for $80, and you’ll have enough points to get all three packs and still have enough left over for something else.)

For non-subscribers, the music packs cost $29.99 each (£19.99 / €24.99).

Exotic moods

Add a touch of drama, mystery, and nostalgia with these electronic and orchestral sounds. A simple sequence of still or slowly panning images, combined with evocative music, can set the tone of a scene in seconds without the need for complicated exposition or story.  This wide-ranging collection evokes everything from sunny Mediterranean hillsides to majestic Oriental splendor, sultry Mexican passion, and wistful nostalgia. 

After the battle (01:55)
An enchanted forest (01:33)
Boat journey through deep wooded gorges (01:32)
Busy undercurrents (02:14)
Creepy piano intro (01:12)
Dancing barefoot in the sand (01:52)
Dancing in the spring rains (01:25)
Dramatic entrance (02:19)
Dreading what you might find (01:28)
Dreams of the Orient (00:44)
Eastern style opening theme (03:02)
Empty plains (02:16)
Endurance (00:44)
Excited bustle (01:02)
Expansive views (02:02)
Forgiveness (02:00)
Fortifications showing strength (01:45)
Gazing calmly at the road ahead (00:56)
Ghosts of a long forgotten city (01:54)
Halls of faded majesty (02:34)
Hand in hand (01:37)
Imperial power (02:06)
In the emperor’s palace (01:33)
Inspired by movement (01:41)
Journeys around the world (01:33)
Mexican passion (01:42)
Nostalgic ambience (01:28)
On a boat on the Yellow River (01:19)
Pause to consider (01:42)
Picking grapes in the vineyard (02:04)
Preparing for action (01:46)
Preparing for war (01:12)
Relax and dream of what will come (01:22)
Sad reflections (01:22)
Satisfied smile (02:12)
Sneaking in (01:12)
Something’s coming (01:42)
Stately sombre procession (02:59)
Stepping back in time: eastern nostalgia (01:30)
Strong-willed yet open-minded (02:16)
The army camp (01:04)
Thinking of days gone by (01:12)
Too inquisitive for her own good (01:10)
Trepidation and anticipation (01:11)

Energy and Tension

Dark and edgy, or uptempo and bright - give your films added drive with this collection of rock and electronica. Music allows you to transform an otherwise dull, pedestrian scene into something exciting and memorable. Fast rocking beats will get the audience’s pulse racing, while slower sounds can add menace, mystery, or disorientation.  This collection is suitable for a wide range of moods and atmospheres, from dark city streets and sleazy nightclubs to eerie dreamlands and butt-kicking action scenes.

Action (01:31)
Alien machinery (01:03)
Caribbean seventies (02:06)
Confident strides (01:40)
Cool vibes (01:15)
Danger on every side (01:19)
Denial (02:17)
Don’t lay it on me (01:53)
Dreams of another world (01:24)
Easy days (01:52)
Funkatopia (01:36)
Funky villain (02:49)
Game show opening theme (00:45)
Gangsters walking (01:13)
Good sleazy fun (01:31)
Hanging with the swingers (01:40)
I dare you (01:26)
In your face (01:36)
Interlude (01:42)
Jazzy haze (01:38)
Jazzy opening theme (01:11)
Journey through the clouds (01:52)
Late night drive (01:14)
Late nights and city lights (01:24)
Lofty ideals (01:42)
Lonely gumshoe (01:09)
Look around you (01:40)
Lookit me (01:28)
Machines of the ancients (01:20)
Man of mystery (01:32)
Menace (02:10)
Moving along (01:14)
Not a care (01:35)
Plaintive bluegrass-style violin theme (01:46)
Pomp and certainty (01:23)
Power of one (02:24)
Push on through (01:27)
Put your feet up (02:19)
Round the bend (01:18)
Searching the abandoned warehouse (01:57)
Seventies style opening credits (01:47)
Sixties style opening credits (01:26)
Sleazy sax theme (02:15)
Spanish reflections (02:06)
Standoff (01:32)
Stay outta my way (01:32)
Steel drums (01:49)
Strange city (01:44)
Stride into battle (01:37)
Sunglasses in the desert (01:41)
Take us all on (01:32)
Throwing rocks in pools (01:39)
Too much bourbon (01:08)
Underground lake (01:35)
Unusual woman (01:08)
Uptempo link (02:25)
Warmth (01:24)
Western theme in a Tarantino or spaghetti style (02:08)

Smooth sounds

Slow it down and get mellow with these relaxing tracks. Long movie scenes with nothing happening can get boring quite quickly. Gentle music can completely change that, transforming a slow sequence into a gentle dreamlike moment that inspires the audience and gives them a chance to reflect on what has happened and what is going to happen.  This collection of mellow electronica and jazz gives you everything you need to create those quiet magical moments that stay in the mind long after the movie’s over.

A love gone by (01:24)
A quiet evening alone with a martini (02:38)
Busy yet relaxed (01:09)
Calls from another world (02:26)
Celtic memories (02:12)
Comedy detective theme (01:15)
Dark city streets (01:44)
Determination (01:21)
Dirty sax (01:14)
Encouragement (01:26)
Eternal love (02:43)
Facing your fears together (02:56)
Gentle lilt (01:58)
Going forward (03:33)
Gumshoe (01:21)
Happy distant memories (01:26)
Holding you at midnight (01:33)
I didn’t do it (02:32)
Icicles (03:07)
In a strange place (02:14)
It’s not as it seems (01:28)
Jazz allure (02:14)
Latin funk (02:31)
Lazy afternoon (01:10)
Let me stroke your hair (01:54)
Nagging doubt (01:18)
Neon at night (01:15)
No easy answers (02:16)
On the bridge (02:28)
On the lake (02:14)
On the way to who knows what (01:14)
One step at a time (02:35)
Out of the corner of the mind’s eye (01:30)
Peaceful gardens (01:50)
Perseverance (02:58)
Put away the past (02:30)
Question everything (02:13)
Recrimination (02:56)
Regretful moment (01:40)
Restless evening (02:15)
Run away with me (01:32)
Shoals of glowing sea creatures (03:22)
Signs of monsoon (02:10)
Soft and strong (02:15)
Soft greeting (02:46)
Sometimes you wish you’d said no (01:45)
Stay serene (01:44)
Success (closing credits) (02:16)
Sultry smooth (01:28)
Suppressed emotions (01:28)
Teach me (01:28)
Thinking back on it (01:44)
Trapped in thought (01:56)
Understanding begins (02:09)
Understated triumph (03:23)
Unsettled feeling (02:28)
Wait and see (02:16)
Waiting outside (02:26)
Weighty decisions (02:32)


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