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Friday, March 18, 2011

More mods - sci-fi special

In this second part of our mod roundup, we bring you a look at the latest sci-fi mods.

As always, please note that we don’t support mods. That’s entirely between you and the modder.

Before we get to the actual mods, we’d like to point you at the Mods’n'more portal created by Shirley Martin (squirrelygirl). She’s listed a huge collection of Moviestorm mods from around the web - not just the ones on her own site. This is a fantastic resource - many thanks to Shirley for creating it!

Sci-fi construction set

Creator: Zordork (Andy Price)
Cost: £4.99
Contents:  over 30 props thar can be customised to create sci-fi environments
Get it from: Machinimamania

This pack is ideal for creating a variety of sci-fi exteriors, particularly planetary bases, space stations, and remote outposts.

Star Trek style corridors

Creator: 3dTree
Cost: FREE
Contents:  three different corridor sections
Get it from: Rapidshare

For your interior sets, this pack gives you easily customizable props that can be snapped together to create different combinations.

Terran Fleet

Creator: Zordork (Andy Price)
Cost: £4.99
Contents:  2 fighters, 1 battlecrusier, 1 laden freighter, 1 unladen freighter, a space station and a flight deck.
Get it from: Machinimamania

Spaceships. Who doesn’t like spaceships? These are tintable, scalable and mobile, so you can create distinctive fleets.

ShawnGee’s Sci-Fi Props

Creator: Shawn Gee
Cost: $2.00
Contents:  8 Bridge Station Variations, Bulkhead Blast Door, Centre Command Table, 2 Consoles, Docking Tube, Long Meeting Table, Room Door, Star Box, Starship Runway, Tactical Station, View Screen.
Get it from: Mods’n'more

We’ve mentioned this pack before, but we figured we’d include it with this collection. Added to the other mods and the official Moviestorm Sci-Fi pack, it gives you plenty to work with!

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