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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More fun than PowerPoint - hell, yeah!

Here at Short Fuze, we very rarely get to use Moviestorm for anything other than testing. A few of us make movies in our own time, and we’ve done a few promo movies, but it’s mostly just a matter of making short clips to make sure everything’s working right. So it was a real change to be able to use it for real and create a professional quality movie in working hours.

Over the summer, we were commissioned by Oracle, (yes, that Oracle, no less) to create a short training video for them using Moviestorm. This was something of an experiment for them; they wanted to introduce their staff to some new stuff (no, we can’t say what) and they wanted to do something more interesting than just having someone stand up and talk through a bunch of PowerPoint slides. They chose to go with a video presentation, and initially took the tried and trusted route of going to a PR company who would in turn engage a TV production company to shoot something with live actors. However, Oracle went out on a limb and eventually opted to try something really low-budget using Moviestorm.

We put together a small in-house team, centred around two summer students who had never used Moviestorm before, and created the film for them in a few weeks. We used a couple of professional voice actors - one for the lead part, and one where we needed a specific American accent - but otherwise we did the rest ourselves, working with a producer from Oracle. We were, to say the least, quite pleased with the results.

And so, we’re delighted to say, were Oracle. The film was well received, and is now part of their internal training package.

From their point of view, using Moviestorm had several advantages. For a start, it looked different to anything they’d seen before, which made it fresh and got people’s attention. Perhaps more importantly, though, not only was it quicker and cheaper than going through a PR agency and using a TV production company, but they realised that if we could make a video like this with Moviestorm and a bunch of first-timers, they could too. This meant that by using Moviestorm, they could bring productions like this in-house and have direct control.

So, we had a lot of fun, Oracle were happy with the results, two students got some great work experience, and Moviestorm’s found some new admirers.

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