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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More filters

When we previewed the filters we were working on, we showed you several that weren’t included in our first filters pack.

Now here’s our second set of filters, featuring some of the more weird and wonderful effects. With both filter packs installed, you’ll now have 26 amazing ways to make your movies look just that little bit different.


The new filters include:

  • Bleach bypass - a slightly desaturated, high contrast style
  • Bloom - adds fuzz around bright areas, simulating something that happens with real camera lenses
  • Coloured pencils - a cartoon-like effect
  • Fog - as you might expect
  • Halftone dots - reminiscent of newsprint or 1960s movies
  • Heat haze - adds a shimmer
  • LED screen - reduces everything to low-resolution dots
  • Night vision - green, like a night scope
  • Pencil sketch -  another cartoon-like effect
  • Posterize - for stark, stylised shots
  • Raindrops - perfect for water running down windows
  • Water on lens - great for splashes
  • Willow - a cool blue, like the willow pattern plates

Check out the Web site for shots of each of these filters in use.

Filters couldn’t be easier to use: check out this short video tutorial on how they work.  Moviestorm Made Easy - cinematic filters.

Filters 02 costs 500 Moviestorm Points, or 50 MSP to license for a month. If you just want to try them out, or you only need them for one shot, then a day rental will cost just 5 MSP.

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