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Friday, January 21, 2011

Segways and sockets and stairs - oh my! Latest mods

It’s been about a month since our last roundup of the latest free and commercial mods for Moviestorm, and there’s quite a lot of new stuff to choose from.

As always, please note that we don’t support mods. That’s entirely between you and the modder.

Let’s Ride!

Creator: KV (Si Stanisauskis)
Cost: Free
Contents:  Gyro Scooter, Skateboard, Static Skate board
Get it from: Machinimods

This is one of those fun little mods which you just feel like you have to download, even though you have absolutely no idea when you’re ever going to need a Segway in your movie. Well, unless you’re planning a remake of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, in which case it’s obviously essential. And while the skateboards obviously aren’t up to what you’ll get from a Tony Hawks game, at least you can get people sliding around the set. And it’s free, so grab it and enjoy.

Medieval Suburbs

Creator: Shirley Martin
Cost: $2.99
Contents:  Door, 3 Barns, Hay Pile, 8 Houses, Gibbet, Ladder, Shutter, 3 Wagons, Watertower, Wheel
Get it from: Mods’n'more

The Medieval series continues to expand. This set gives you enough to build a small village or the outskirts of a town. In combination with the upcoming castle set from Chris Ollis, this has great potential for a variety of European or fantasy settings. The gibbet, waterwheel and tower add nice touches which look great in silhouette or to add interest to a location.

Medieval Interiors

Creator: Shirley Martin
Cost: $0.99
Contents:  3 rooms
Get it from: Mods’n'more

And another in the Medieval series. They’re quite simple, but would suffice for a variety of settings.

Spiral stairs

Creator: Rampa
Cost: Free
Contents: spiral staircase
Get it from: Moviestorm forums

This is a tower with spiral staircase that will work well with the various Medieval mods. It has a built in nav mesh, allowing the puppet to walk into tower from the set. The
ramparts are removable, and there’s also a damaged version for battle scenes.


Creator: Lucinda McNary
Cost: Free
Contents:  Children plus 15 play animations
Get it from: Lucinda

These children, who look to be about age 6, and dressed in modern clothing, aren’t actually characters. They’re animated props, so they don’t have the same range of expression and movement that the regular characters do, and they don’t talk. However, for some scenes, they may be perfectly adequate, particularly as background.

Also check out Lucinda’s alien babies - also free. You can see them in her movie Santa to the Rescue.

Modern Decor

Creator: Mike Cornetto
Cost: Free
Contents: Sliding door, vase, VCR, shelf, assorted ornaments
Get it from: Mike Cornetto

This is Mike’s first mod, and includes a selection of items to add detail to contemporary sets.

Household details

Creator: KV (Si Stanisauskis)
Cost: Free
Contents: plug sockets, light switches, thermostats, smoke alarm, skirting board, dado rails, door surrounds
Get it from: Machinimods

Another free pack of useful household details for those who like spending time making their sets look just right. The thermostats come in both analogue and digital versions, and both those and the smoke alarm have LED lighting. Combine this with Mike Cornetto’s Decor pack for a fully dressed home interior location.

Victorian held props

Creator: Shirley Martin & WarLord
Cost: $2.99
Contents: 1 Candle (2 Variations), 1 Lit Candle (2 Variations), 1 Magnifying Glass, 1 Mirror (3 Variations), 1 Wineglass with Wine (2 Variations)
Get it from: Mods’n'more

The twelfth in the Victorian series has those essential props for Dickensian mysteries, Sherlock Holmes, and evenings by the fireside.

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