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Monday, June 01, 2009

Machinima films at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con will be running machinima screenings for the the third year running, and are looking for submissions.  Dragon*Con is held in Atlanta, GA over the weekend of Labor Day (September 4-September 7, 2009).

Full submission guidelines are here.  Christina, who’s running it, tells me they’re mainly looking for lightweight, funny and entertaining short films, rather than the more arty or serious pieces. 

Submission guidelines for the machinima portion of the Dragon*Con Film Festival

- You do not need to be present for your video to be selected and shown.

- Please submit videos that are 15 minutes or less in length. Though longer ones may be included, they will face stiffer competition (a single 15 minute piece would have to win out against three very good five minute pieces, for example). An engaging first episode of a series (or, if it would make sense to the audience, even a mid-series episode) is a perfectly acceptable submission.

- Please keep in mind that the audience may be unfamiliar with the game in which the machinima was made and there will be no opportunities to ‘introduce’ your video - it must stand on it’s own. Successful candidate videos will entertain and engage the audience without requiring knowledge of the game world in question (a clear and engaging story line, an entertaining music video, etc.). Videos made to show how quickly you and your friends can kill a boss and/or how effectively you have mastered the particular game’s mechanics are unlikely to be selected.

- Except in unusual circumstances, only one video per author will be selected for the main screening though you can submit more than one for review. It will simplify the process, however, if you submit the single video which you think is your best work.

- You may instead choose to officially submit your video to the Dragon*Con Film Festival proper, but then it MUST satisfy additional requirements (and be sure to review the FAQ).

- You are welcome to use an existing machinima video you have created OR you can create a machinima video specifically for the Con (though keep in mind submission does not automatically guarantee it will be shown - please see the previous suggestions for likely candidates as well as the links below for selections from prior years).

- The deadline for submissions is July 30th. You may nominate another machinima video but direct contact with the author will be required to obtain their permission before allowing it for submission.

I’m hoping to be there again myself, taking part in a Q&A about machinima, along with some other machinima stalwarts.  They’re still looking for panellists, so feel free to put yourself forward!

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