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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Castles, Cthulhu and computers

We haven’t done a mod roundup for ages, and there have been a quite extraordinary number in the last few weeks. So we’ve decided to split this into two (or more) posts. In this first post, we’re just going to look at what’s come from Chris Ollis’s Moddingstorm.

As always, please note that we don’t support mods. That’s entirely between you and the modder.

Medieval collection

Medieval Females: (£10)
8 new morphable, tintable costumes giving you thin to fat maidens and wenches. There is also a matching Nun head covering to go with the costume.

Medieval Males: (£10)
8 new morphable, tintable costumes for fat, well fed landowners or starving and thin poor people. Each outfit also comes with clean and dirty texture variants.

Castle Builder: (£15)
Over 100 parts for building a castle to your own design. Easy to use, snap together wall sections and towers with 4 different stone textures, all with tintable options applied to every wall you shouldn’t have too much trouble matching the curtains. As well as walls, towers, roofs and turrests, the pack contains doorways, corridors, flags, wooden supports and a rope bridge.


Beards: (£10)
4 types of full beard, 3 styles of goatee, 3 sideburns and 2 mustaches. Combine them to get even more styles! All of them are morphable so they can be as long or short as you like. They work with all the other head morphs and facial decals.

Eye Motions: (£5)
27 subtle but hugely useful new animations for your actors eyes to give you control in the areas that are normally automated.

Head Gear 01 & 02: (£12.50 each or £20 for both)
The Head gear packs each contain 25 accessories for Male and Female actors, ranging from everyday glasses to comical paperbags.

Facewounds: (£10)
Add scars and scratches to your characters, most of which are positionable and tintable.As well as the more gory injuries the pack contains dirt and paint splats so you can make someone look like they climbed out from a chimney or dropped a tin of paint on their head.


Superheroes 01: (£12.50)
4 outfits with muscle morphs, multiple texture variants and dozens of animations for male and female characters to get them off the ground or stopping speeding trains.

Flatfolk: (£5)
FlatFolk are designed to allow the user to draw on their actor’s clothes in whatever style they choose. Perhaps a suit, or an astronaut’s outfit, or maybe an alien skin. Whatever you choose simply draw within the included guide image, save the file and then load the texture in through the usual “User Image” option in the Dressing Room. The same can be done for the actor’s face!


Blown about: (£15)
Knock your star to the ground in numerous ways, from a hit on the head to a blow to the gut, or for something a little more extreme, fire them off in to the distance like they’d been stood next to a crate of TNT.

Bound and gagged: (£5)
Have your actor’s hands tied in standing, sitting, kneeling and laying down poses.  14 animations for Male and Female actors and 2 mouth gagging accessories, perfect for all your hostage taking and prisoner holding movies. Plus free blindfold!

Jumps and Falls: (£10)
Tumble and flip animations to make your actors a little more gymnastic. Also included are some crazy ragdoll moves that throw your actor high up in to the air before crashing down to earth, and falls from buildings.


Horses 01: (£10)
Six horse variants, a basic horse, a unicorn and two saddled versions of each. Thee are 4 skin texture variants; brown, brown with white, black and white which is also set to tintable and user image. Create your own fur patterns and load them in. The horse works as a standalone prop or an interactive one. As well as several standing animations the horse can walk, trot, canter, gallop, jump and rear up, all with accompanying male or female rider animations.

Cthulhu: (£10)
Summon this Great Old One and unleash pure terror at your command. He slashes, he roars, he stomps, and he even rises high above the earth. He may appear to be nothing more than a statuette, but in his true form he can grow larger than your fragile mind can comprehend.

Computers 01: (£5)
A desktop PC, laptop and a handful of animations for your actors to interact with them.

Free stuff


Frankenstein-style stitches.

4 Colourroom:
A test for nav meshes and baked in set lighting. The whole set is one prop object. To have your actor walk around simply start by placing them somewhere in the set.

Ashtray, with rising smoke.

Bees and Flies:
Bee hive with circling bees (or none at all) and a circling ball of flies or bees that is set to be mobile and scalable, so you can have them sat over bins or chasing people!

Goldfish bowl:
A goldfish bowl with 4 variants, 1 fish, 2 fish, a dead fish (floating) and no fish.

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