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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Around the world with Moviestorm

We’re finally catching up with the recent mod releases. This selection has an assortment of miscellaneous mods, with no particular theme.

The usual reminder: we don’t support mods. That’s between you and the modder.


Creator: Shirley Martin
Cost: $5.99
Contents:  28 Props Included: 8 Buildings (Nighttime Variations for Skyscrapers), Dresser, 2 Fences, 2 Garden Features, 2 Gates, 4 Interior Rooms, Screen/Room Divider, 2 Seats, 3 Stands, Table, 2 Wallhangings. Most props have 4-6 variations and are customizable. Bonus Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Texures included.
Get it from: Mods’n'More

When this was released last month, Shirley had no idea how topical this was going to be. It gives you what you need to create modern Japanese cities.


Creator: Shirley Martin
Cost: $4.99
Contents:  20 Props in all. Includes 8 Buildings; 5 Skyscrapers with Night Time Variations, a Clock Tower, and 2 Historical Buildings. 3 Rooms; all have tintable walls and one has 3 variations. 9 Furnishings including: 1 Chair with 6 variations, 1 tintable Chair, Coffee Table with 2 variations, Dresser, Night Stand, Stand/Side Table with 3 variations, Table with 3 variations, Trunk, and Waste Basket
Get it from: Mods’n'More

The second pack featuring countries from around the world. This covers modern Germany, and is suitable for interior and exterior locations.


Creator: Lucinda McNary
Cost: FREE
Contents: animated flying dove
Get it from: Lucinda

The dove is scalable and mobile and has four animations, glide, fast flying, slow flying and moderate flying. The body, wings and head are tintable and will use a photograph. The beak and legs also will use a photograph and are tintable.


Creator: Kate Fosk
Cost: FREE
Contents:  Three stone, and three brick wall textures, all with normal maps
Get it from: Kate

These wall textures can also be used on floors, or ceilings if you feel so inclined.

Medieval Furniture

Creator: Shirley Martin
Cost: $3.99
Contents: 31 Props: Mead Barrel, Banner with 5 styles, 3 Baskets, Bathtub, Bench, Bowl, 2 Chairs (chair 02 has 5 styles), Cookpot, Couldron, Cup, Firepit, Floor Torch, 2 Mugs (1 Full and 1 Empty), 2 Plates, Podeum, Round Table with 10 styles, 3 Shelves, 2 Stands, Stone Cross, Stool, Table, Tapestry with 7 styles, Trunk, Well/Pool.
Get it from: Mods’n'more

The Medieval collection continues to expand: added to what’s already available from Mods’nMore and what’s on Moddingstorm, this gives you all you need to create medieval movies.

And finally, here’s a fantastic deal from Mods’n'More - all their Moviestorm mods in one pack for $50 - over 30% off the cost of buying them individually. This bundle includes:  Japan, Germany, Castles 01, Medieval Furniture, Medieval Corridors, Medieval Interiors, Medieval Suburbs, Old World Village, Viking Village, Courtroom, Grocery Store Interior, Modern Bank Interior, Shops Vol. 1, Antique Furniture, Victorian Apartments, Victorian Bedroom, Victorian Business, Victorian Chimneys, Victorian City Buildings, Victorian Held Set 01, Victorian Rooms, Victorian Slums, Victorian Towers, Victorian Workhouses, WWI Artilery, WWI Buildings, Old West Church, Old West Exteriors 01, Old West Saloon, Old West Schoolhouse, Old West Sheriff, and Old West Undertaker.

(1) Comments | Permalink | Posted by Matt Kelland

Louisa on 11/11 at 01:40 PM

Learnnig a ton from these neat articles.

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