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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Accelerated learning with Moviestorm

It’s always nice to hear from our customers about the varied ways they find to use Moviestorm.  This popped into our inbox this morning.

Hey everyone, allow me to introduce myself. I’m James Twyman. I own a small film company here in England moonlighting as a freelance Director as well as making my own films.  My latest, “Reparation”, was in fact storyboarded using Moviestorm and I found it a compelling experience that really helped the flow of the production.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about, I’m here to talk about something way more exciting. Something revolutionary that could change the way we teach and learn forever. Put away your note books, throw your pens in the bin, you won’t be needing them anymore, because this could be something very powerful for you.

During the day I teach. And I specialise in something called accelerated learning. This is a form of learning that can help anyone, regardless of their perceived intelligence, learn anything quickly, easily and permanently. Before I go into how you use Moviestorm for this, I’m going to introduce you to the science behind learning. This is important for understanding just why Moviestorm can really help you learn anything.

The Sciency bit.

You may have heard that the brain is split in two. One side (usually the right) deals with memory and intelligence and the other (generally the left) deals with creativity. In order to learn effectively, you have to use both at the same time. Here’s why.

Remember high school? I bet there were plenty of lessons where you can remember someone falling over or doing something funny, but can’t remember what the teacher was going on about. That’s because the funny thing had an emotional reaction to it, so we remember it better. You see, in your brain you’re constantly making connections with what’s happening and the emotions attached to it, and the stronger the emotion, the more vividly you will remember.

Simply put, being creative (making fun images, painting or movie-making) creates emotion. If you’re learning whilst being creative, your brain creates a strong link between the thing you learn and a good emotion, meaning you remember the information because doing so makes you feel good.

What kind of learner are you?

There are three kinds of learner:

1)    Visual (you like bright colourful visual things)
2)    Auditory (sound is what makes you tick, you love it)
3)    Kinesthetic (you can’t sit still doing nothing, you have to keep moving)

Moviestorm caters to all three. For a visual person, it’s all about creating visually interesting content that you will remember. For auditory, it’s the sound design of your films that’ll be most important, and for kinesthetic, just the fact you are actively being creative is enough. But just for your own future use, let’s find out which one you are. This will help you because if you’re learning against your brain’s preferred way, you’ll learn far less.

If I asked you to learn to mend a bike how would you best learn to do it?

A)    If I showed you
B)    If I told you how
C)    If you just tried it.

If you choose A, then you’re visual, if you chose B, then you’re auditory, and if C, you’re kinesthetic.  Use this information wisely, it’ll help you out.

What on earth does this have to do with Moviestorm?

It has everything to do with it. Moviestorm is a creative outlet that combines all three learning styles perfectly. You can take any subject and apply it to your movies to create dynamic study materials for yourself. Not only that, but your brain will retain information as you create. Let’s use some specific examples.


So you have this poem to learn and contextualize but it doesn’t interest you or you don’t get it. Simple - write a script that incorporates the poem and then make a visual representation of the poem, maybe you can narrate the poem over the top or have a character saying it as the story unfolds. Use interesting cinematography to bring what’s on the page to life and think about your use of sound and music. You’ll quickly find your knowledge of the poem grows.  Same with books. Which chapters do you need to study… adapt them into a film to help you understand them better.


What I would do here is create an interview. I would make myself in character creation and a host to a TV show called Geniuses. I would then act out being an expert at the subject and explain to the “dumb” audience the concepts I’m trying to learn. It really will help.


So you’re learning French and the unit is “in the restaurant”. build a restaurant set, make some characters and make a film of them having the conversation you need to learn. Maybe add subtitles for extra effect.


You’re studying the battle of Hastings. Why not re-enact it with Moviestorm. OK, there are no arrows but hey… use your imagination!

The list goes on. I can’t even begin to imagine the great ways you could use Moviestorm to aid your learning, and I’m excited to see what you come up with.

Thank you so much for your time and I really hope you found this piece both interesting and useful.

Keep smiling,

James Twyman

Shameless Plug: As I mentioned before I am making a no budget film called “Reparation”. We have a trailer and a load of pictures on our facebook group.  I would be so grateful if you could join the group, check out the trailer, leave a comment and pass it on to friends to help support the six months hard work we’ve done.

(3) Comments | Permalink | Posted by Matt Kelland

film izle on 08/15 at 02:56 PM

good emotion, meaning you remember the information because doing so makes you feel good.

Freelance Jobs on 09/18 at 09:32 PM

Good post.How much do freelance directors and producers make?
I have to prepare a mock budget for a film for school. Where can I see how much freelance directors and producers make on a project?

Arrowheads on 06/11 at 07:57 AM

I know I’m definitely a visual learner. I have to see things hands on to remember things.

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