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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moviestorm iPad app available now - 90% introductory discount!

The new Moviestorm iPad app, Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d, heralds another breakthrough in easy video creation. You can make movies anywhere, and it’s now even quicker than before!

Building on the successful and widely acclaimed desktop product, Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d allows you to make short animated movies without having to know anything about animation, 3D modelling, or film technique.  Just choose what you want your character to say, decide how you want them to act, and with a few taps of the screen, you’re done. Whether you’re young or old, even if you’ve never made a movie before, Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d gives you a unique way to create memorable presentations, reports, video cards, comedy sketches, or blogs.

“We’ve taken what we were already doing, and brought it up to date with the way people like to do things these days,” says CTO and founder Dave Lloyd. “The original Moviestorm for PC and Mac made it vastly more easy for anyone to make movies. You could produce something amazing in days instead of weeks, or hours instead of days. But not everyone wants to spend that much time making videos, so the iPad app takes Moviestorm a level further, and now you can make something quite literally in minutes. It’s now nearly as fast to create 3D animation as it is to film yourself with a camera - and you don’t need to be sitting at your desk to do it. We’ve also simplified the movie-making process even further, and Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d is easily within the grasp of even elementary school kids. Teens and adults will find it completely intuitive.”

Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d puts easy moviemaking right in your hands

Who’s it for?

Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d is for anyone and everyone who wants to make fast, easy videos.

  • For amateurs, it’s a fun way to make video blogs or short clips.
  • For students, it’s an innovative way to create book reports or other coursework.
  • For teachers, it’s an engaging way to present new subjects and new ideas.
  • For business, it’s a great way to liven up presentations or create memorable video commercials.
  • For musicians, it’s an unusual way to create music videos.

“When you just need something quick and simple, Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d is all you need,” explains CEO Andrew Kennedy. “It includes most of what you can do with the desktop version of Moviestorm, but it takes almost no time to learn and you can create videos nearly as fast as you can write them. In 30 minutes you can make a 10-slide promo video that’s perfect for a Web site or a business presentation. It’s putting video communication into the hands of even more people, and that’s what Moviestorm is all about. If you find you need to do more than you can do with the iPad app, then you’ll find that the desktop app is immediately familiar and you can start creating more complex, more varied videos right away.”

Be anyone. Be anywhere. Say anything.

What does it do?

Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d gives you all the essential elements required to make unique movies. The user interface is based on the way that Moviestorm works on the desktop, but adapted and optimized for the iPad.

  • Choose your set: either use a photo background or the special “presentation” set that includes a whiteboard for your Powerpoint or Keynote presentations.
  • Create your character: create unique faces, choose and customize costumes, hair and make-up.
  • Add audio: speak right into your iPad and your character will automatically lip sync to your voice
  • Add animations: change the character’s mood, or make them do anything from subtle hand movements to dancing
  • Film it: use the ready-made camera positions and moves, or add your own pans and zooms
  • Share or edit it: save the video in your Camera Roll and publish it wherever you like, or edit it in iMovie or your favorite video editor

Make movies wherever you are - even at the beach!
(Or just pretend you’re at the beach. Who’ll know?)

Introductory offer

To mark the launch of Moviestorm: Get Animated In 3d, we’re offering it at an astonishing 90% off until the end of August.

That’s just 99 cents in the US, or 69p in the UK.

Get it now and start making amazing movies for under a dollar!

Review in the App Store:
“Whoa! This is an amazing piece of software. Start with a 3D character, change the backdrop, make them speak and gesture, change the camera angle - in just 5 minutes of playing around you’re on your way to making an animated film. Enormous fun and tantalizing potential. This is going to spawn some pretty amazing creations from people who never thought they could do it. Best new app I’ve seen all year.”

Click to buy from the US App Store

Click to buy from the UK App Store

(Currently available for iPad2 and iPad3 only.)

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