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Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend special - Situation Drama at 35% off

This weekend - buy the Situation Drama bundle for 35% off, and you’ll get Moviestorm for life for less than the price of a one-year license. That’s under $50 for a complete movie-making suite plus the modder’s workshop and 11 extra content packs!

Use coupon code DRAMA3 at the checkout - applies to both online and box purchases.


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Special offer - Bedrooms pack for $5!

Special offer - today only - Get the Bedrooms pack for just 500MSP instead of 1000MSP!

Create passion, romance, and drama in the bedroom. Stylish, contemporary furnishings and accessories with soft lighting make this the perfect place for intimate moments. Or, if you prefer, night-time terror.
Get into the king size bed, and sleep, read, or get smoochy.
Give your characters a range of nightwear, including robes, towels, and lingerie. For the ladies, there’s also a man’s shirt for that “morning after” look.
And, whether you’re making comedy or horror, you’ll like the way your characters can hide in the wardrobe!

Need more points?

Top up your Moviestorm Points here.  Points start at $9.99 for 1000 points, so this pack will cost you just $5 - and if you buy more points, you’ll save more!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Affiliates scheme now supports French advertisers

The Moviestorm Affiliate Program now includes a variety of different shaped advertising banners in French as well as English.

It’s simple to become an affiliate. 

We provide you with a selection of banners and text links which you can use on your Web sites, blogs or emails. Any time someone clicks on one of your links, they’re tracked as a referral from you, and if they buy something from us, we’ll give you a cut.

Here’s how to get started - it costs you nothing, helps spread Moviestorm, and earns you money. How can that be bad?

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Dracula Spectacular

imageAmrit Sonya Bains is a scriptwriter based in London. She decided against formal education, and opted instead for a mixture of workshops, seminars and other courses. “I don’t believe imagination can be taught,” she says. “I love visiting all kinds of places around the world, making friends, listening to stories – some of which I write as screenplays. I think of myself as an entrepreneur, explorer and storyteller.” She rattles off a long list of conferences and events that she’s attended in the US and in Britain. “All in all, I’ve spent about four years attending workshops and working with several script development consultants. I guess that’s equivalent to a four year Master’s in screenwriting!”

Amrit has a strong interest in comedy of all sorts, but her deep passion is world cinema stories that provide a platform of understanding among different cultures, and she is particularly concentrating on hard hitting films with a social message.  She recently founded her own company, Anteros Entertainment, to showcase her work as both writer and producer.

Her most recent work is a short previsualization for a planned live action feature film, Dracula Spectacular. This came out of an assignment for a performing arts course, where they were asked to create an improvised melodrama stage production about vampires. “It a hilarious experience,” she laughs. “I volunteered to play Ugo the henchman, because no other actor/actress could bear the thought of looking so ugly! I thought the concept was incredibly funny and would make a brilliant movie, so I wrote the feature screenplay. The current trend of vampire films, shows, and books is but one of many waves that have existed over the past three hundred years. Whatever the reason, we continue to be fascinated with the concept of vampires, bloodlust and eternal life.”

In order to pitch Dracula Spectacular to potential producers, Amrit decided to create an animated short film to show the concept. “Producers are always too busy to read a screenplay, plus there is always the issue of unsolicited material unless you have an agent. It makes perfect sense to send a video link, and that way there is no limit to how many producers you can pitch to.”

Initially, however, Amrit couldn’t find anyone to create the animation she needed within her budget. Then she discovered Moviestorm at the 2011 London Screenwriters Festival, and found out that they could make the film for her.  “Once I had sent them the script it was all systems go. It was great to know that Moviestorm were just as excited about my project as I was. I believe that it benefits to have more than one imaginative mind and perspective to create something great. Alex Gowland designed the sets and characters, putting a lot of work into the detail.”

The project lasted six weeks from receipt of script to the finished film, and was structured into design, alpha, beta and release phases to allow Amrit to take control of the creative direction, from character and set design, through to cameras and final editing. All in all, the animation in Moviestorm took less than 15 man days, and the new shaving and teeth-brushing assets that were required for the plot were also released to the Moviestorm community as a free bonus pack, reducing the cost to Amrit by 50%.  Amrit was overjoyed with the results.

Amrit continues, “My advice to other screenwriters would be to consider Moviestorm as an alternative method to verbal pitching. When you only have 2 to 5 minutes to impress a producer and you nervously talk incoherent nonsense, end up devastated and praying that the producer never remembers you – then think of Moviestorm.  In the long run you may save yourself time, money and shame.”

Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing. Moviestorm cannot be everything to everybody out of the box, so there will often be the need for technial tricks or new assets to deliver the script writer’s creative vision. This time the challenges included creating characters with different heights, Ugo’s hump, and the werewolf’s body texture. However, that was part of the fun for all concerned. “Alex always found a technical solution and somehow made it work to create the desired effect,” she grins.

Amrit has ambitious plans for the future. “I intend to contact Ben Stiller’s production company in the hope that he fancies himself with fangs and a cape. I think it’s a great look for him – hotter than Zoolander. Meanwhile, I shall humbly continue to do what I am most passionate about – writing stories!”

More info
Moviestorm production service

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Special offer - half price restaurant dining!

Special offer - today only - Get the Restaurant Dining pack for just 1000MSP instead of 2000MSP!

Treat your characters to an elegant meal in one of our customisable contemporary restaurant interiors, featuring a full menu of food and drinks, and a range of animations for the perfect dining scene.
It’s just what you need for filming classic scenes from movies such as When Harry Met Sally, Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas or just planning your wedding seating.

Need more points?

Top up your Moviestorm Points here.  Points start at $9.99 for 1000 points - and if you buy more points, you’ll save more!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Special offer - Construction Site pack for $2 or less!

Special offer - today only - Get the Construction Site pack for just 200MSP instead of 500MSP!

This pack contains a variety of props and costumes to recreate a construction site scene in your movies. There’s a back-hoe type digger, a cement mixer, scaffolding, a skip, bricks and blocks, safety fencing and piles of sand which you can drop into your set like any other Moviestorm asset. For your characters, you’ll find overalls for both male and females with an option to add high-vis waistcoats and, of course, hard hats that can be tinted depending on your requirements.

This pack isn’t available in any theme bundle or in Moviestorm Max.

Need more points?

Top up your Moviestorm Points here.  Points start at $9.99 for 1000 points, so a 200 MSP pack will cost you just $2 - and if you buy more points, you’ll save more!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Special offer - Moviestorm Max 50% off

This weekend ONLY: use coupon code MARMAX to get 50% off your purchase of Moviestorm Max.

That buys you the full Moviestorm animation suite, plus 39 content packs, plus the Modder’s Workshop, and you’ll get a saving of over $110 on the regular price (or £75 / €100)!

Offer valid today, Saturday & Sunday (and if you’re quick, Monday morning before we get into work).

(Does not apply to rentals - only to purchase.)

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special offer - Filters 03 at 60% off!

Our third Filters Pack contains a collection of dynamic effects to really bring your films to life. Distort your footage with the Glassy Distortion or Frosted Glass effects, or increase the sense of depth with the Fish-eye and Radial Blur filters. In addition, four lens vignettes allow you to really close in on your action (binoculars and sniper sights) and you can stylise your shots with the Psychedelia and Emboss presets. Finally, you can now overexpose your clips or add a subtle gradient tint and there’s even a ‘Toon filter that you can drop straight into the timeline.

Now only 200 MSP instead of 500 MSP: offer lasts today only!

Click here to buy

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New educational editions

There are now two new educational editions of Moviestorm, including new packs and updated application code.

Moviestorm Unlimited is designed for older students, while Moviestorm Junior is intended for students under 13. The Junior edition excludes mature content such as drugs and violence.

For more information see the education section of the Web site.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

48hr Film Project offers $3000 top prize for machinima

It’s not often that machinima creators get the chance to win big prizes, but this year’s 48 Hour Film Project has finally recognized how important this medium is.  The top prize of $3000 will go to the best film completely created in a single weekend. Moviestorm films have won twice before, so we’re hoping for a good showing once again.

This year’s contest is being held in partnership with Australia’s Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and JMC Academy in March, and there’s an additional local prize of $1000, open exclusively to the South Western Sydney Region Machinima filmmakers. In another great coup for the contest, Tony Dyson, creator of Star Wars iconic robot R2-D2, will be heading the judging team.

Here’s how it works.

On Friday, March 30 at 7pm teams will get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, that must be included in there film.  By Sunday, April 1, the movie must be complete and uploaded by 7pm.
Each completed film is guaranteed a screening at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April 2012 in Australia, and in Second Life in the following week.

The best films will also be screened at the International Championships held in the USA, and the winner of that gets to have their film screened at the Cannes Film Festival.
Registration for the competition is $48, Screening session admission is FREE. More details on

Good luck, everyone!

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