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Friday, April 01, 2011

Moviestorm Schools brings animation into the classroom

New schools animation software lets teachers and pupils quickly and easily create and use customised 3D video animations for teaching & learning in the classroom and at home

Moviestorm today announces the launch of Moviestorm Schools, a specialist education version of its product for the schools market.  The product offers teachers and pupils a range of tools and content to quickly and easily create age-appropriate video animations as part of the learning process.

Moviestorm is a software package that uses a games-style interface and a library of content assets to enable users to quickly and easily create high-quality 3D video animation. 

Using Moviestorm, aspiring film makers can create sets and characters, direct camera angles and character movements, add dialogue and edit films to create a polished final product.  With prices starting at just £50 a year for a single licence, the technology brings this level of animation capability into the reach of the schools market for the very first time.

Moviestorm Schools is applicable across subjects and disciplines and is intended for use by any pupils under 13 years of age.  Early adoption has been particularly strong in areas such as English, languages and citizenship.  The tool can be used in any number of ways in the classroom to energise subjects – a teacher can create an animation for display to the class, pupils can create their own original animation to a specified theme or a teacher can create a template animation for pupils to then customise.

Once an animation has been created, it can be exported from the programme as a standard video file for sharing or re-use with no copyright complications.  Teachers can also share template project files and lesson plans, allowing other teachers to adapt animated scenarios to their own purposes, with new characters, dialogue, scenery or editing.  For example, a simple interview animation could simply be repurposed as an oral language interaction.

Moviestorm Schools is targeted at the under-13s (UK KS1-3, US elementary/middle) and sits alongside the recently launched Moviestorm Education product, which is targeted at UK KS3-4 (US middle/high), HE and FE institutions. 

Andrew Kennedy, Managing Director of Moviestorm, said: “Moviestorm Schools is an easy to use and cost effective tool that lets teachers and pupils collaboratively create their own animations. 

“Video is an increasingly important part of the learning process, whether it be filming content on video cameras or accessing video resources from the Internet.  Moviestorm takes video in the classroom to the next level – it lets teachers and pupils create animations about whatever they want, without the limitations of filmed content or the restrictions of what’s already available online.  If you want to stage a re-enactment of Hamlet featuring blue aliens in a helicopter, you can; if you want to role play an oral exam on a spaceship, go ahead.  By opening up a new creative, collaborative channel that can be integrated into any type of learning process, Moviestorm Schools creates a whole new opportunity for teachers and pupils to change the way they teach and learn.”

Schools users can download a free trial version of the software from

For more information:
Patrick Herridge
Parys Communications
020 8875 7960
(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Notes to editors:
Moviestorm Schools is Mac and PC compatible.  The technical requirements for the Moviestorm Schools package can be found at

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