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Monday, June 21, 2010

Results of the “1 Minute Machinima” Contest

We’re really pleased to announce the winner of the ‘I Minute Machinima Contest” we ran jointly with Koinup.

The top spot goes to Lorisrizzo, for Virtual Adam’s First and Last Birthday, who wins a one-year subscription to Moviestorm. We’re really looking forward to seeing more from this talented director.

The judges (Matt Kelland of Moviestorm, Jordi Cardona of Hiperia3D News and machinima expert Poid Mahlovich)  had this to say: “The video is absolutely superb. Sound is good, lighting, filming and editing is good, and the concept, while not entirely original, is well executed, and the writing is really interesting. You find yourself actually caring about Virtual Adam for a few moments, in that you know he’s only a character, but he’s a person too.”  Matt added, “I also like that it has subtitles, and isn’t just catering for an English-speaking audience.”  However, judge for yourself. Here’s the winning entry.

The judges also singled out two other films for honorable mentions.

Nowhere to Go (Celestina)  This packed in loads of plot to such a short film.

Bigshot (AdricAntFarm)  This film carried a strong message despite its apparent simplicity.

The rest of the entries can be found on Koinup

Thanks to all who entered, and many congratulations to the top three!



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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Machinima Expo 2010

MachinExpo 2010 is the top international festival for machinima artists. It’s been running for a number of years now, under the volunteer leadership of machinima stalwarts Phil “Overman” Rice, Ricky Grove, and Kate “kkffoo” Fosk. In order to bring as many people together as possible, the Machinima Expo takes place in cyberspace. For the last two years, it’s been held in Second Life, and this year they’re working with the experienced team at The Movies Underground (TMU) to bring it to an even wider audience this November. It’s free to enter, and free to attend.

“This year we’re bigger than ever” … Ricky Grove

She hasn’t touched her soup. from Phil Rice on Vimeo.

They’re currently calling for submissions.  This extract from the submission guidelines shows just how wide-ranging their criteria are - any language, any genre, any topic, any duration, any age, and using any machinima engine(s), blended with video made with other film-making tools if you like.

  1. The Machinima Expo welcomes machinima films of any style and has no category / genre restrictions. Each work will be juried solely on its own merits, at the sole discretion of the Expo Screening Committee. The Expo seeks films which are bold, creative, and vital, films which represent the very best of what machinima has to offer.
  2. Machinima films of any duration are welcome for submission; both short and long-form works are encouraged.
  3. Submitted works do not need to be pure (100%) machinima. Films incorporating machinima in combination with other media are both welcome and encouraged. As a general rule, approximately 50% of the film should consist of machinima footage.
  4. Non-English language films may be submitted with or without subtitles, at the filmmaker’s discretion. (English subtitles for non-English films are encouraged but not required). Submission to the Machinima Expo is open to filmmakers of all ages, from any country in the world. Filmmakers from Latin America (Central and South America) are eligible to be considered for a Special Jury Prize. See #11 below for more information.
  5. Year of production of the machinima film does not matter. Films which were submitted to a prior year Machinima Expo (2008 or 2009) are not eligible for submission again this year.

They’re likely to screen about 20 machinima films, so we’re really hoping Moviestorm will be well represented.

“Our goals are quality, variety and easier access” …Phil Rice

Can you help?

The Expo is a great showcase for film-makers of all backgrounds to show what can be done on next to no budget. It’s run on a completely volunteer basis, so they’d love your support in practical ways. Blogging, twittering, and telling people about it is a great start.

The Machinima Expo team is particularly keen to push the festival out to a global, non-English audience this year. If you can speak a foreign language, they’d really appreciate your help with translations. So far they have Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Portuguese, Korean, French and Japanese covered. See the newsletter for more details.

They’re also keen to see as many people as possible making trailers for the Expo, whether you’re using Moviestorm, iClone, Second Life, or anything else.

More info:

We’re looking forward to seeing you there in November!

“The Expo is about fun, friendship and inspiration” …Kate Fosk

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Moviestorm Summer Collection 2010

Here’s a great start to the summer holidays - the Moviestorm Summer Collection 2010!  This second pack in the Modern Tribes series brings you three new styles of customizable clothing for your Moviestorm movies. There’s Scene, Emo and College styles, so you can add a whole new range of high street fashions to your films! You’ll probably recognise some of these outfits from the Photostorm packs, but this pack includes more outfits and more options.

Moviestorm Modders will love the fact that this pack also includes unwrapped UV texture maps - this will make it even easier to customize these outfits. We’ve been seeing some amazing mods recently, so we figured it made sense for us to do a little bit more to help.

Combine these with hairstyles from the Male and Female Hairstyles packs to get the widest possible variety for your characters, and mix them with costumes from Modern Tribes 1: Metro Style, to create a huge cast of modern characters.

The Summer Collection 2010 is available in the Moviestorm Marketplace for a limited time at a low introductory price of just 50 MSP per month. Or, as always, try for a day for 5 MSP, or buy outright for 500 MSP.


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