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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visual effects filters pack released


Transform the look of your Moviestorm movies with this set of ten easy to use cinematic filters for your Cutting Room.

Get stylish with filters such as red cut-out or black & white, or add in classic movie visual effects like camera shake, motion blur, or night time. image

Install the addon as normal, and when you go to the Cutting Room, all the filters will now be unlocked.  When you apply a filter to a clip, you’ll see the effect right away.

Get it from the Marketplace for 50 MSP/month, or try it for a day for just 5 MSP.

Requires Moviestorm 1.3 or above.

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Moviestorm released

Moviestorm is now available. Click Update from the Moviestorm 1.3 launcher to install it. 

If you’re using Moviestorm 1.2, you’ll need to upgrade to Moviestorm 1.3 first.

Main changes

New features
Filters in the Cutting Room View are now ordered alphabetically.
New Titles option in Cutting Room View: left- and right-aligned.

Resolved issues
Fixed a bug in which camera shots created using Moviestorm 1.2 would not be preserved correctly using Moviestorm 1.3.
Fixed a bug which was causing Moviestorm to hang when loading certain movies.
The Wall Customizer Change color button is now disabled when the wall is not tintable.
Car wheels will no longer rotate too far when the car makes a very tight turn.
The movement/rotation ‘Gizmo’ will now scale correctly when used with animated objects that are also mobile
The hardware report should better recognise which graphics cards will work with Moviestorm.

Known issues
If you have created a one-shot camera on a seated character in MS 1.3, that shot will appear at the wrong angle in MS This was due to a bug in MS 1.3 that has now been fixed (see above).

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Learn Moviestorm from a master

Master machinimator & Moviestorm guru Phil “Overman” Rice is offering two 90-minute courses on how to use Moviestorm.

Phil has been involved with “machinima” filmmaking since 1998, having collaborated on over fifty machinima films. He is the founder of MachiniFeed, a blended RSS aggregator for machinima-themed blogs and websites. For several years, he hosted a machinima-themed podcast called The Overcast. He is also one of the founders and organizers of the International Machinima Expo, an annual virtual world festival showcasing machinima movies, discussion panels, and workshops. In September of 2006, he released Male Restroom Etiquette, a comedic mockumentary short film, reaching an audience of over five million viewers on YouTube, and gathering a Best Writing award at the 2006 Machinima Film Festival. Since then, his work has been screened on MTV, the BBC, and at dozens of film festivals worldwide.

A Movie In An Hour

The first, on May 15, takes you through the process from start to finish, and introduces you to everything you need to know to get going.

See a short Moviestorm film created from scratch in 60 minutes, right on Phil’s desktop, as it happens, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A about the process. Every major feature of Moviestorm software will be demonstrated, from character and set design through the animation phase, cutting room, and all the way down to the final rendering into video. There is no better or more comprehensive introduction to the way Moviestorm works… and it’s FREE.

Camera Mastery

The second course, on May 22, focuses on camerawork. This one costs $25, but also includes a take-home pack of a free Limited Edition addon, a sound effect, and a 50% discount voucher for Overman’s Moviestorm content store.

Learn how to make the most of Moviestorm’s powerful camera system. Course covers fundamentals of staging, framing, shot types, and cinematic language, as well as advanced Moviestorm processes including: keyframing techniques, rack focus and focal effects, tracking shots of moving subjects (person or vehicle), simulating handheld camera feel, using a multiple camera setup, and more.

More info at

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Moviestorm - it’s for life, not just for Christmas

For those who don’t want to pay for Moviestorm by the month, quarter or year, we’ve now introduced a lifetime membership.

For a single payment of £149.99 / €199.99 / $249.99, you’ll get Moviestorm outright with no further fees, and it will never expire. All software updates to Moviestorm 1.x will be free.

You’ll also get the modder’s workshop, plus the free Photostorm and Greetingstorm content packs.  You will be able to use 3rd party content packs, including packs made by modders and official Moviestorm content packs.

This membership doesn’t include Moviestorm points, so you’re not paying for content you don’t want. You can purchase Moviestorm points separately and use them to rent or buy Moviestorm packs.

Find out more.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moviestorm 1.3 released!

Grab the latest version of Moviestorm! It’s packed with new features to make it easier to make the movies you want to see. And with the new 3D feature, Moviestorm will literally make your movies jump off the screen!


Here’s what you’ll get with Moviestorm 1.3

Better set-building tools. The object transformation tool (known as the gizmo) makes it easy to rotate objects to any angle. Upside-down cars, tables and chairs knocked over - create mayhem in moments! The new wall painter speeds up creating customised rooms, and there are now moveable lights.

Better directing tools. Add time to the timeline - no more fiddling around shifting activities around by hand! You now have more control over animated props, and you can put slide shows on TVs or other surfaces. The new held prop customiser makes it easier to see all the variants of a prop, and it’s now easy to see what an actor is looking at.

Better editing tools. There’s now a whole new cutting room, which is more powerful and easier to use. Add filters to your movies to get that unique look, import pictures, sounds and other assets so you’re no longer limited to just Moviestorm clips. New titles and credits tools to make it easy to add subtitles and other text. Preview your movie in full screen!

Better rendering tools. New 320x180 resolution for small screens and tiny file sizes.  And - did we mention - you can render your movie in 3D ready for upload to YouTube!

Moviestorm 1.3 is the easiest, most versatile, and most affordable way to make movies - it’s everything you need in one package, whether you’re making action, drama, romance, music video, horror, sci-fi, comedy, documentary, or anything else you can imagine. And you can get all this for just US$7.99/£4.99/€6.49 per month - now that’s astounding value!


New Cutting Room View

Get it now!

Please note: this requires a full installation of Moviestorm. It’s not a patch or an upgrade, and you can’t get it from the Moviestorm 1.2 or 1.1 launcher.

You’ll also need to have an active membership before you can use Moviestorm 1.3. Get a membership now, and your first 30 days are free. Cancel any time in the first 30 days, and you won’t pay a thing.


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It does this…  and this… and this…

One of the biggest differences between using a virtual movie studio like Moviestorm and making machinima with a game engine is the sheer versatility of what you can do,  Most games, with the exception of things like The Sims, are limited to a few characters and environments. As a result, most games are suited to a very limited range of movie types. Yes, you can make a music video or a political documentary with Halo or World of Warcraft, but you’ll probably end up with a parody. While The Sims has a huge selection of contemporary costumes and suburban environments, you’d be hard pressed to make an action movie with it.

However, rather than blather on about all the different things Moviestorm can do, let us just show you four very different movies that arrived in the last 24 hours.

First up, this isn’t a movie as such, it’s just a demo of a new free kitchen mod. We’re right in Sims territory here.

Next, here’s a trailer for an action movie. It’s got cars, trains, guys with guns, and New York city. Very much GTA type stuff, but more North American gangster and less ghetto.

Then we’ve got a comedy sketch. It’s simple stuff, and also in a domestic setting, but it’s got the kind of animation that most games don’t do.

Lastly, we have a very Cure-like music video featuring zombies and more.

This is just a small sampling of what people are making with Moviestorm. We’ve had cop shows, alien invasions, dystopian visions, political rants, cartoons and completely surreal art house movies. It’s one of the things that makes it exciting to be part of this: we never know what you’re going to come up with.

Keep on surprising us!


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Friday, April 09, 2010

Professional music scores for your Moviestorm movie

imageFancy a professional soundtrack for your Moviestorm movie?

Before you answer, “Well, of course, but I can’t afford it,” keep reading. Newly established music consultancy The Sound Works has a number of professional composers and musicians, with years of experience in games, TV, and commercials. Some of them want to score machinima movies, and will do it at little or no cost.

Why would they do this?

According to Music Supervisor Ross Gidney, “Lots of my composers are keen to do more long form work and stuff where they can have a bit more creative freedom. They’d be keen to work on this type of project for low or no fees, in order to build up their portfolios and to work on something cooler than your run of the mill TV commercial type stuff. They do this type of work to pay their bills, but would jump at the chance to take the reins off a bit and produce some more cutting edge music.”

So there you go. Give them a call, and tell them we sent you.

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Metro Style - and more

There’s more cool stuff available for Moviestorm members.  First up, there’s the new Metro Style pack, the first of our Modern Tribes series of costumes.

Bring urban sophistication to your movies with this assorted collection of contemporary outfits in different styles. For the guys, there’s a smart vintage suit, a shirt and sweater, or a jacket, and for the girls, there’s a new hairstyle and three new dresses covering vintage eclectic, gossip and urban fashions. To give your characters just the right attitude, the pack also includes two new walk animations and poses.

Try it for just 5 Moviestorm points, rent it for a month for 50 MSP, or buy it for 500 MSP.

Customisable costumes & hairstyles

  • Gossip Girl with variations
  • Gossip Guy with variations
  • Urban Female with variations
  • Urban Guy with variations
  • Urban Vest Guy with variations
  • Eclectic Girl with variations
  • Vintage Guy with variations
  • Eclectic Female Hair with 3 morph types

Includes 12 stock characters with variations of each of the above costumes.


  • Urban Pose
  • Miami Pose Left
  • Miami Pose Right
  • Urban Walk
  • Urban Upbeat Walk

You can also add more free Moviestorm content with this new mod from Celestina: Pinks Texture/Wallpaper Collection. This user-created pack includes 15 new wallpapers, perfect for adding a feminine touch to your rooms.

Download it free via the forum. While you’re at it, leave her a comment and say what you think. She’s planning further color-themed collections: blue, green and brown are on the list so far - let her know what sort of thing you’re interested in!



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Thursday, April 01, 2010

From a Tankful of Diesel to Embers: Iain “iceaxe” Friar

Iain Friar (aka iceaxe) pointed out to us yesterday that it’s now two years since he first installed Moviestorm.  Looking back on his first movie, and comparing it with his most recent, it’s amazing to see how much his film-making has changed.

Here’s Tankful of Diesel.

Here’s what Iain says about it now:

When I was making the movie I told the band that I was working on “Project X”, they had no idea what it was - they assumed I was writing a new song. Anyway, I made the video, burned it to DVD and played it back to them - they loved it.

When I look at it now though it seems really basic. As I was working on my own, the dialogue at the beginning had to be done in text to speech software. I only had three English language voices, so the last band member speaks in German! If you watch the movie, you’ll notice (if you can get past the incorrect aspect ratio) that it is a bit clunky; there are no shadows - I can’t remember if this is because the software didn’t support them, or I didn’t know how to switch them on (either is possible). Also, no depth of field - I seem to remember the controls were there, but if I touched them then Moviestorm would crash. Thankfully this was fixed as it is a feature I use all the time. Also you might notice that the camera movement lacks the smooth ease-in and out that we have today - back in ‘08 craning, dollying and panning was very start/stop.

I didn’t make any attempt to make the band actually look like us. (Although I did for the Tankful of Diesel series that I made later), and I didn’t have the music pack at that time - just guitars.

Now watch Embers. The difference is astonishing.

People like Iain are a true inspiration to us here at Moviestorm. In a short space of time, he’s gone from making simple comedy sketches to powerful, engrossing short movies that are being shown all around the world. His passion and love of movie-making shows through, and we’re proud to have been a part of that.

We’re looking forward to seeing what he makes in the next two years!

See the rest of Iain’s movies here.

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