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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Getting the most from a Moviestorm subscription

You really don’t have to buy a lot of content to start seeing immediate savings with a subscription.  Just one small pack is all it takes.  To buy the Coffee Shop will cost you $9.99. Instead, get yourself a $7.99 sub for a month, and you’ll get enough points for the pack and still have some left over.  Even if you cancel your sub immediately, you’ve already saved $2.

The savings get even better for the higher priced packs.  If you want to buy, say, the Halloween 2009 pack, it’ll cost you $29.99.  But take out a three-month sub, pay $19.99, and you’ll get 2000 points. That’s enough to get that pack and immediately save $10.  You’re getting a 33% saving straight away.  And, of course, you’ll be entitled to the subscriber rate on all other packs for the next three months.

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Where you can really win is if you’re buying a lot of packs at once.  Let’s say you’re making a Christmas music video and you need the following packs: Happy Holidays, Song Contest, Open Mic, Male and Female Hairstyles, Dance Music, Rock and Indie Music, and Special Effects.  To buy those 8 packs would cost you just under $160 ($159.92, to be precise).

Now let’s see what happens if you get a subscription.  To get all those packs with points would cost you 10400 points. So you pay $7.99 for a month’s sub and get 800 points.  Now you buy an additional 10,000 points for $79.99. You now have 10800 points, enough to buy all the packs you need, and you’ve only spent $87.98. That’s an immediate 45% saving of $71.94!  If you want, you can then cancel your sub, and you’d still have all those packs without being locked into anything.

So, no matter how much or how little content you buy, subscription offers you a great deal.

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