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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moviestorm – more powerful, easier to use, and cheaper!

In the last few months, Moviestorm’s seen some huge changes. It’s now faster and more stable than ever before, and we’ve made it easier for you to find the content to make the movie you want.  In our Marketplace right now, you’ll find over 100 customizable costumes, 49 customizable heads with customizable hats and hairstyles, over 650 props including furniture, trees, buildings, weapons, musical instruments and vehicles, more than 150 fully licensed clips of film music, and over 300 animations for your male and female characters! We’ve got cops, criminals, soldiers, monsters and aliens, as well as everyday people in formal clothes, nightwear, swimwear, and casual clothes.  To get you going, there are 63 ready-made stock sets and 86 ready-made stock characters – and of course, they’re all customizable too!

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All this is based on our free, easy movie-making tool. It has everything you need to make a movie, from script to final edit. You control the cameras, the actors, the lighting - everything! Moviestorm integrates with other standard multimedia tools, so advanced users can use specialized graphics, sound or video packages alongside Moviestorm’s virtual movie studio.

Today, we’re building on that in three ways which will make Moviestorm better, cheaper, and easier.


A Moviestorm subscription makes it cheaper and more convenient to buy content.  When you take out a subscription, you’ll be able to pay for your purchases using Moviestorm Points.  This will give you a saving of at least 33% over the regular cash price, and you won’t have to find your credit cards or PayPal details each time you want to buy something.  There are a range of price plans, starting at just $7.99 (£4.99 or €6.49) a month.

For the benefit of our American and European users, the new marketplace now offers prices in US dollars and Euros.  No more currency conversions on the fly - the price you see is the price you pay.


You don’t have to subscribe to carry on using Moviestorm.  You can continue to use Moviestorm absolutely free, you can put your movies on the Moviestorm Web site, you can use the forums and other community features, and you can buy content in the Marketplace with PayPal or a credit card.  However, from January 31, 2010, only subscribers will be able to use the Modders’ Workshop or third party mods.  You can use and create mods for now without a subscription, but this will be disabled at the end of January.

Take out a subscription or find out more.

Moviestorm 1.2

Moviestorm 1.2 is a major release that builds on the performance improvements in 1.1.7, and consolidates all the recent patch upgrades into a more stable program.  For new users, there’s now a new tutorial that takes you through Moviestorm step by step and introduces you to the key concepts and screens. We’ve also added a live movie viewer to the main menu, so you can watch the best new movies being created by other users!  You’ll find full release notes here if you want to know more.


To get Moviestorm 1.2, you’ll need to download it and re-install it from new.  You can’t update it by pressing the update button in Moviestorm 1.1.7.  There are instructions here on how to do that if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. Don’t worry, this process won’t overwrite any of your saved movies or custom content, and of course, it’s still free.

Download Moviestorm 1.2.


Microstorms are a series of free starter packs for Moviestorm aimed at real beginners, or for advanced users who just want a bit of fun. These help you create a customized movie in just a few clicks. If you want, you can then edit it using the full range of Moviestorm features and take your movie-making to the next level. Microstorms are a great way to create simple movies and learn how Moviestorm works.


The first of the Microstorms is Photostorm.  You may have already seen our Photostorm Live app on Facebook, which puts your Facebook photos into a simple movie which you can share with friends in just a few clicks.  Photostorm does something similar way, but instead you can choose photos from your computer or from Flickr.  And, because it’s based on Moviestorm, you have many more customization options than Photostorm Live, including high-quality rendering and full integration with any Moviestorm content you already own!

We have several ready-made Photostorm scenarios – set your movie in Miami, a graveyard, cartoon world, or something more urban. Just choose a pack when you start Moviestorm, and get going right away!

More about Photostorm.

There’s much more to come from Moviestorm in the next few months – more characters, sets, props and animations, new tools and features, and new Microstorms. We’ve been truly amazed by what you have produced so far.  Moviestorm movies are being shown at festivals and winning awards around the world every week, in genres including comedy, drama, science fiction and music video.  We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Have fun making movies!


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