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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here come the bad guys - Criminals pack released

No more Mr Nice Guy. Moviestorm shows its darker side with the release of the Criminals pack. Crack open safes, deal drugs, plan a heist, get your gun off, and make your getaway. There’s nothing nice to see here. It’s all bad, and your momma wouldn’t like it.

Priced at just £12.99 from the Moviestorm store, it’s a steal.

Or else, combine it with the Law and Order pack and get both for £21.99.

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Atopic Festival wants machinima entries

This came in from Xavier Lardy today - it would be good to see some Moviestorm movies in there!

Hi fellow machinimakers !
We are working on setting up the first machinima film festival in France, to take place in Paris, Thursday, October 29 - Wednesday, November 4, 2009, during the Atopic Festival.
The Atopic festival is the art festival dedicated to virtual worlds : International - Multidisciplinary – Transverse. We want to show the machinima as both a new cinematographic genre and a medium for today digital artists.

For this first edition, we plan to have 3 different screenings :
- the first one is about vintage machinima - the one made before real-time video capture and internet broadband access,
- the second one is a retrospective of french machinimas,
- the third one is a about creative machinimas,
- the fourth one is a retrospective of machinimas of the past year (2008-2009),
- the last one is a carte blanche to other machinima film festival !

We are actually selecting movies, and we would like to know if…
- You absolutely want to have one (or more!) of your movies in one (or more!) screenings?
- You believe we absolutely need to show machinimas you may know of !

So you can contact (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to suggest films, with online file or video links. We are aware that some of you would like their creations to be kept secret before the festival, so it’s possible to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you wish.
Please note we have tight deadlines:
- You can send us your film suggestion until Friday the 15th of May.
- The committee will select the machinimas for each screenings until Friday the 10th of July.
- The screening rights will be acquired until Friday the 11th of September.
As a final request, you can help the festival by sending this mail to other machinimakers you may know of !
We hope to hear from you soon!
Margherita Balzerani & Xavier Lardy for Atopic Festival



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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Criminals pricing

The Criminals pack, due for release very soon, will be priced at £12.99 or 1299 Moviestorm Points, same as the Law and Order pack.  The two packs will also be available bundled together for £21.99.

Criminals will be the last pack to be released before we withdraw the Moviestorm Points promotional scheme, so this is your last chance to refer some friends and grab it for free!  You’ll get 300 points for each friend who signs up, so even if you have no points at all, just drag along five people before May 12, and you’ll have enough for the pack.

And, to keep you salivating still further, here’s a few more pictures of some of what you’ll get…

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Moviestorm 1.1.5 released, plus a free set and a movie!

We did it!  At long last, despite all kinds of development hell, Moviestorm version 1.1.5 is now out!

Key improvements to 1.1.5:

    1: Walking though doors now works correctly when the character is using a Gait or a Blended Gait.
    2: Fix for crash problem on Macs with ATI graphics when loading user textures.
    3: Character improvisation has been improved.
    4: Blink time, Saccades, Breathing rate and Breathing depth sliders were not consistent. Moving any of these sliders to the left now reduces the effect.
    5: Female walk updated to be more feminine.
    6: The animation for a character’s head will no longer ‘pop’ at the end of a walk if the character walks while looking at something.
    7: The animation for a character’s head will no longer ‘pop’ if the character is looking at something while sat down. 
    8: Changing a character’s sex will no longer break held prop animations on that character.
    9: Fix for a crash that was happening as rendering was finishing.
    10: Support for the upcoming Criminals pack, allowing multiple sounds on held prop animations.
    11: Major improvements to the Modders Workshop, principally in user interface and navigation.
    12: PC only: Playing video on set objects no longer uses FFMpeg; it now uses Directshow. This significantly improves video-playing on set objects.
    13: Tree Grate doesn’t overlap on the z-axis with the ground textures so much.
    14: Updated the Draw and Holster animations for the pistol so that the poses match each other better.
    15: Updated the male Hair_Bald to not cast shadows, which should improve it’s appearance.

There are also fixes to various content packs:

    - Skinning for Car Euro 03 updated (General Cars)
    - Storm stock character added. (Storm - Guitar Legend)
    - Rockstar Head restored & reshaped to fit a wider range of hairstyles (Storm - Guitar Legend)
    - Rockstar Hair restored (Storm - Guitar Legend)
    - Added pistol animations to transition between the Base pack gun-holding poses and the Law And Order gun-holding poses. (Law And Order)
    - Improved the sound of the police car sirens (Law And Order)
    - Assigned walking sounds to the Police costumes (Law And Order)
    - Book should no longer be upside-down during reading (Domestic Drama - Bedrooms)

And, as we’ve been promising for what seems like ages, you can now get yourself one of the winning sets from our stock sets competition, the Mountain Road.  The stock set is free from the store, but you will need to buy the following content packs to make it work: Foliage, SciFi, Domestic Drama Bedrooms, Law And Order, and R&B and Dance Music Video. (Or grab the 2008 Compilation bundle, which has them all in.)

Created in Moviestorm

And lastly, but by absolutely no means leastly, here’s a preview of some of the assets from the long awaited Criminals pack, which will be shipped very, very soon indeed.  No, really, we mean it.  Very, very soon indeed. 


Created in Moviestorm

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moviestorm Points promotion ending

At the end of May, we will be discontinuing the Moviestorm Points scheme as part of the Web site revamp.  From June 1 onwards, we will only be accepting cash payments via PayPal or credit card in the Moviestorm store.

From May 12, our Moviestorm Points promotion for new referrals or signups will end, and we will no longer be giving out Moviestorm Points.  So, if you want to build up your points and grab some free stuff while you can, refer your friends now, and you’ll get 300 points for each one who signs up in the next couple of weeks! 


Moviestorm packs allow you to do so much more. There are 20 packs available in the store, ranging from 499 to 1299 points.  They include costumes, houses, aliens, trees, cars, weapons, musical instruments - even a spaceship and Barack Obama!

We’ll be bringing in new promotion schemes later in the year during the upgrade to the new Moviestorm Marketplace. 


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Do The Twist - Competition Winners

We asked you to surprise us.  And you did.

We had a record number of entries for this competition - 49 in all, ranging from comedy skits to sci-fi, drama, and the downright surreal.  Before we get to the winners, however, we’d just like to give an honourable mention to three that didn’t quite make the final list.  The Dubbya Zone: A Taste of Isolation is a twist on a movie classic.  We’ll leave you to find out which.  Blood Drive  is a one-liner with a purpose, and The Clarks: Stuck in the Middle brings a long-running Moviestorm series to a pause with a neat reverse.

And now to our final three.  It’s great to see some new names in the list, especially two film-makers who are only just starting out with Moviestorm.

Winner: The Exit  by Matthew Tyas is a marvellous piece with an ending that takes real skill to pull off. This was only Matthew’s second published Moviestorm film, and it’s extremely impressive.

Runner-up: Clockwork is another masterpiece from iceaxe.  The visual imagery is stunning in this well-told and stylish story in the vein of Clockwork Orange, 1984, and Ian McKellen’s take on Richard III.

Control Point by mellowhardy is a strange little tale set at an army checkpoint, very reminiscent of some of the BBC shorts of the 1970s and 1980s. The story is beautifully acted, and the camerawork is first-rate.  This is mellowhardy’s second published Moviestorm film.

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all those who entered!  It was a lot of fun watching your movies: the full list of entries is here if you want to see them for yourself.

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Keep it snappy!


Our challenge to you this time is to entertain us with just the briefest of movies. It can be any genre you like: comedy, drama, music, documentary. You can use any content packs you like, and feel free to use mods or bring in footage from other sources as well as Moviestorm. But you have just 30 seconds, including all titles, credits and branding, for the entire film, and you have until May 11 to do it.

Can you rock our socks in 30 seconds or less?

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wyoming Short Film Contest

This came in the other day:

Hi, I’m helping the Wyoming Film Office spread the word about their short film contest. There is some more info at the link to the press release. We are hoping to get more Machinima entries. Would it be possible to have information about the contest posted to your site or the blog? You do not have to be from Wyoming to enter, and the prize is $25,000. Here is a link to the general press release, and here is more info about how to enter.


Have fun!


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