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Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s punkin time!

Fancy yourself as a budding Tim Burton? Or perhaps you just want to make a music video with a twist? Or how’s about a seasonal greeting card? Or maybe it’s time for a remake of the Addams Family?

Forget the sheer terror that is the upcoming election, and entertain yourself with our Halloween pack, available for just £4.99 from our store. You get pumpkins, coffins, candles, bats, cobwebs, ghosts, witch’s paraphernalia, horn and tail accessories, and of course Bones, the dancing, guitar-playing, karaoke-singing skeleton.

Turns out Bones has another side to him too… thanks to zeroice for this one!

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DailyMotion wants your political videos

This one’s courtesy of Overman: yet another opportunity for Moviestormers to do something with the U.S. Elections pack!

Dailymotion gets political

Think US politics are insane? Well, so do we.
Upload your political videos to the group Politics Schmolitics! We’ll be choosing videos from this group to feature on the homepage when Dailymotion designates McCain Day (October 27) and Obama Day (October 29). Every homepage video will feature the candidates on their respective days.

Have fun!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sign up for the 48 Hour Machinima Project!

Can you make a machinima film in 48 hours? Are you free on the weekend of November 14? If so, get a team together and sign up for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Space is limited, so sign up now if you’re interested. Note that registration costs $48.

“Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the initial registration is full, we will put teams on a waiting list. If a registered team drops out or if we add additional theater space, teams on the waiting list will be added to the Project.”

Good luck to any team who enters!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The invasion is coming has hooked up with Playstation to create a Viewer Created Ad Message for the launch of Resistance 2. Hop on over and read the Producer’s Guide and enter in your advertisement for a chance to earn £1000!

You have until November the 9th, so get your B-Movie director’s cap on and make us proud!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

MyToons announces Red, White and Who? animation contest

Looking for a new audience for your Moviestorm movies? Want to get our your biting political satire noticed?, the online animation community has announced the launch of an artwork and animation contest, Red, White, and Who? Focusing on the funny aspects of the political arena. The contest invites people to upload their political creations to the site, tagging it as “Funny Political Cartoons.” Winning artwork and animations will be featured in the MyToons blog, and winning animations will also stream from the Funny Political Cartoons Channel on the homepage from October 10th through November 4th. Judges will elect the top 10 funny political cartoons and these animations will be featured in a Top 10 Funny Political Cartoons blog and channel, streaming November 5th through December 31st.

The Red, White, and Who? contest launches today, and runs through Election Day on November 4th.

Don’t forget, our US Election 2008 Content Pack has John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden models ready for you to direct at your will. You can get the content pack in the Moviestorm Store now! If you’ve already got the pack, make sure you fire up Moviestorm and get the Joe Biden update!

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Machinima Filmfest 2008 Nominations

The Machinima Filmfest 2008 has announced this year’s nominees.

The results are in and we have a superb list of Nominees! In fact, we had so many good submissions that for this year, the Festival Selection Committee decided to give out Honorary Mentions in each category for one film that didn’t make it to the Nominations but is a superb example of machinima filmmaking.

Moviestorm would like to extend a very special congratulations to Phil ‘Overman’ Rice on the nomination of his brilliant film, “Apology“. It is the very first time that the machinima festival has recognised films made in dedicated machinima tools as well as game engines and virtual environments. We are very pleased to see that his outstanding Moviestorm-created film has been recognized (Honorary Mention, Best Independent Film).

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

MachinExpo Deadline Extended

The deadline for submissions to the Virtual Machinima Expo film festival has been extended from Monday, Oct 6th to Monday, Oct 13th (one week). Additional details here.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Jurors chosen for 2008 Expo Animation Festival

A stellar Jury has been empanelled for the 2008 Expo Animation Festival which will be taking place in Second Life on November 9th. Moviestorm’s Creative Director, Matt Kelland is honoured to have been chosen to sit on the jury which will have sole responsibility for choosing the five jury prize winners.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Content Pack - FOLIAGE

Details: We've just released another content pack, this one overgrowing with virtual plant-life. There’s a wide selection of trees, bushes and hedges, as well as flowerbeds, vines, creepers and more. Plus plant pots, raised beds and enough paving to create your own stately gardens.

File size: 33.1 MB

Release date: October 01, 2008

Price: £4.97 / 497 Moviestorm Points

Asset Samples:

Asset Samples:

more info, download

Set objects:

  1. Ten different trees, including apple, cherry, oak and maple in their Spring, Summer and Winter foliage
  2. A selection of hanging creepers and vines
  3. Eleven different flowerbeds
  4. Six hedges
  5. Fifteen shrub variants
  6. Tintable tree roots
  7. Plots of earth
  8. A wide variety of paving stones
  9. Six different tintable and non-tintable plant pots
  10. Two additional grass textures

Stock sets:

  1. Back garden
  2. Park clearing
  3. The Maze

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More fun than PowerPoint - hell, yeah!

Here at Short Fuze, we very rarely get to use Moviestorm for anything other than testing. A few of us make movies in our own time, and we’ve done a few promo movies, but it’s mostly just a matter of making short clips to make sure everything’s working right. So it was a real change to be able to use it for real and create a professional quality movie in working hours.

Over the summer, we were commissioned by Oracle, (yes, that Oracle, no less) to create a short training video for them using Moviestorm. This was something of an experiment for them; they wanted to introduce their staff to some new stuff (no, we can’t say what) and they wanted to do something more interesting than just having someone stand up and talk through a bunch of PowerPoint slides. They chose to go with a video presentation, and initially took the tried and trusted route of going to a PR company who would in turn engage a TV production company to shoot something with live actors. However, Oracle went out on a limb and eventually opted to try something really low-budget using Moviestorm.

We put together a small in-house team, centred around two summer students who had never used Moviestorm before, and created the film for them in a few weeks. We used a couple of professional voice actors - one for the lead part, and one where we needed a specific American accent - but otherwise we did the rest ourselves, working with a producer from Oracle. We were, to say the least, quite pleased with the results.

And so, we’re delighted to say, were Oracle. The film was well received, and is now part of their internal training package.

From their point of view, using Moviestorm had several advantages. For a start, it looked different to anything they’d seen before, which made it fresh and got people’s attention. Perhaps more importantly, though, not only was it quicker and cheaper than going through a PR agency and using a TV production company, but they realised that if we could make a video like this with Moviestorm and a bunch of first-timers, they could too. This meant that by using Moviestorm, they could bring productions like this in-house and have direct control.

So, we had a lot of fun, Oracle were happy with the results, two students got some great work experience, and Moviestorm’s found some new admirers.

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