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Thursday, April 01, 2010

From a Tankful of Diesel to Embers: Iain “iceaxe” Friar

Iain Friar (aka iceaxe) pointed out to us yesterday that it’s now two years since he first installed Moviestorm.  Looking back on his first movie, and comparing it with his most recent, it’s amazing to see how much his film-making has changed.

Here’s Tankful of Diesel.

Here’s what Iain says about it now:

When I was making the movie I told the band that I was working on “Project X”, they had no idea what it was - they assumed I was writing a new song. Anyway, I made the video, burned it to DVD and played it back to them - they loved it.

When I look at it now though it seems really basic. As I was working on my own, the dialogue at the beginning had to be done in text to speech software. I only had three English language voices, so the last band member speaks in German! If you watch the movie, you’ll notice (if you can get past the incorrect aspect ratio) that it is a bit clunky; there are no shadows - I can’t remember if this is because the software didn’t support them, or I didn’t know how to switch them on (either is possible). Also, no depth of field - I seem to remember the controls were there, but if I touched them then Moviestorm would crash. Thankfully this was fixed as it is a feature I use all the time. Also you might notice that the camera movement lacks the smooth ease-in and out that we have today - back in ‘08 craning, dollying and panning was very start/stop.

I didn’t make any attempt to make the band actually look like us. (Although I did for the Tankful of Diesel series that I made later), and I didn’t have the music pack at that time - just guitars.

Now watch Embers. The difference is astonishing.

People like Iain are a true inspiration to us here at Moviestorm. In a short space of time, he’s gone from making simple comedy sketches to powerful, engrossing short movies that are being shown all around the world. His passion and love of movie-making shows through, and we’re proud to have been a part of that.

We’re looking forward to seeing what he makes in the next two years!

See the rest of Iain’s movies here.

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