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Rock and Indie Music Video

Ladies and gentlemen, will you put your hands together for the Moviestorm house band!

This versatile and multi-talented bunch can play a variety of instruments - guitar, bass, drums and keyboards - and they'll even sing if you let them. They'll perform in the studio or jam in your living room, or else you can put them on stage and light them up with lasers and a full-on lighting rig. Use them in a music video, set a movie at a gig, or tell the story of the band's rise to fame and fortune.

Each of the indie-rock styled musicians has a variety of customisable options for their costumes and instruments, as well as a selection of performance animations. The lighting rig includes a laser with a variety of patterns and colours, as well as several spotlights that move and change colour in a variety of ways. Advanced users can create custom lighting patterns. The loudspeaker prop allows you to put music on the set to help you get the performances spot on.

Check out the R&B and Dance Music Video and Song Contest packs for more music content, and Open Mic for more stage animations.

Or why not rent the Let's Rock bundle and get all these packs plus more!

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